How does a true NYer talk?

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Diablog is neither neutral, nor are we shy with words. While some are more British, aka polite, I am more American, or blunt, or rude.

One of the NY icons, Robert De Niro, talked about voting in the upcoming election. It was part of a campaign to motivate people to go and vote. And he talked like the true NYer he is. Listen and see yourself:

Do I have to mention, that I agree with Mr. De Niro? I didn’t think so.

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6 thoughts on “How does a true NYer talk?

  1. I love the accent and he’s a great actor.
    His accent could be worse, he could be from New Jersey.

    It seems sad that the USA doesn’t want either candidate as President.

    Our country is the same, what has happened to the elder ststemen ?

    • Dear Druid,

      Nu Joisy is almost as bad as Brooklyn.

      Sadly, the Democrats rejected Bernie Sanders, the elder statesman.


  2. I’m with you both on this. How is it that there can only be a choice between trump and Clinton? Congress must be mightily worried. The US people must be more worried, unless their in the Southern / mid west states from what I can see. Big problems with Russia & Syria needs a wise steering hand.

    • Dear Philippa,

      The following are thoughts or questions, not facts.
      Maybe a lot of Americans want to throw a wrench into the machine?
      With Trump being the biggest wrench they can find.

      For them, Obama did not deliver the change he promised?
      And Clinton would be the continuation of what they consider
      a broken or rigged system?


  3. I have no problems with Russians.
    Too much democracy in Middle East.
    What democracy do they have after the removal of Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, Mubarak etc. They are killing each other !

  4. Well if Trump gets in it will be an interesting ride.

    It would be a clash of the hair Trump v Boris Johnson

    Bring it on

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