That sums it up

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This tweet by Brian Pedaci says it well:



On the bright side, peaceful transition of power is one of the corner stones of democracy.

The republicans have send intellectually challenged puppets to the White House before. A poor actor Ronald Reagan (VP G. H. W. Bush)  and a failed businessman George W. Bush (VP Dick Cheney). This time they combined those features with a poor TV personality and four times bankruptcy filing businessman. Like the two before him, he got a hawkish VP at his side. All eyes on Mike Pence.

Interesting times ahead,

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2 thoughts on “That sums it up

  1. Interesting times indeed, but as you point out, Donald isn’t the first president with no political experience.
    Perhaps this is what the US needs, someone to shake them up.
    What is all this protesting about ‘He’s not my president’, oh yes he is whether you like it or not. Or are these protesters part of the 50% who didn’t vote.
    My attitude is, if you didn’t vote, shut up, you don’t have the right to voice your opinion.

    1. Dear Druid,

      So far, he is the president elect. Technically, the protesters are correct.

      The USA – and a few other countries – could do with a true social democrat.
      Clinton wasn’t one, Obama wasn’t, Blair wasn’t, Germany did not have one in
      For almost 40 years all parties (conservative or progressive) have served
      the interest of big money only.
      The ever widening gap between those doing OK or better,
      and those just getting by or worse is the reason
      for this election result.

      Too many democrats did not vote, they did not want Hillary Clinton.
      Too many Republicans did not vote, they did not dare to vote against
      Donald Trump.


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