How to deal with Trump

Dear Reader,

With 10 days in office, the current POTUS has given plenty of reason to be upset.

Most importantly, he does not respect laws, human rights, the constitution, democracy or American values.

Points in case:

  • he is “at war with media”
  • he discriminates against Muslims, Latinos and others
  • he supports torture

That our constitution protects free press is of no concern to the POTUS.

US and international law prohibits discrimination.

That torture is banned globally, is of no concern to the POTUS either.

Now, some people were and are hoping for checks and balances. That congress will stop him. House and senate are in Republican hands. And not only did Trump defeat all other Republican candidates in the primaries. He won the election more or less against the GOP establishment, with some support from the extremists. Republican politicians could not wait to kiss up to the POTUS. The “fiscal conservatives” have no problem cutting medical services, education, etc., while rushing to announce, they will pay for “the wall”. It would be delusional, to expect Republicans in congress to stand up against Trump.

So, how does one deal with Trump?

1. One does not.

The Mexican president did the right thing by just walking away. He did not play Trump’s game. Trump is obsessed with attention, publicity, and popularity. If one stops providing those, his ego collapses. By the way, NYers and American banks stopped dealing with Trump many years ago.

2. Sue him.

Trump’s history of lost court cases and out of court settlements is long. Within a week Trump has broken enough national and international laws. That the DHS ignored the court decision regarding the travel ban is proof, that the POTUS has zero respect for the law. It is high time to start an impeachment. Throwing him and his mishpoche out, is the democratic solution.

What else?

The Germans might help. Germany had its fascist regime in the 20th century and suffered the consequences. The totalitarian state GDR, which lasted 50 years thereafter, isn’t forgotten either. Germans have been cured of fascist demagogues. Mr. Trump owes almost One Billion US Dollars to Deutsche Bank. If they call those debts, he is finished. And the whole facade of the “successful business tycoon” will collapse as well.

I hope America gets it done without that.

Stay sane,

Engine Room