Dear Reader,

After the 2016 referendum briefly I had contemplated to run a list of companies moving jobs out of Britain into EU territory. Like Goldman Sachs to Frankfurt, Lloyd’s to Bruxelles, Mini to Eastern Europe, … But that is a full time job. Someone else will have to do it.

Yesterday the following question came across my screen:

Will March 29, 2017, go down in history as Mayday?

Perhaps Glynsky can answer that?

Stay sane,

Engine Room


druid’s delite…

Oh dear – I can see myself being dragged back into Diablog, screaming!

Mind you, I have been sitting (cosily?!!) on a load of material, so this for The Druid.

There I was, at the 96 a few months ago, coffee in one hand (and Engine Room on the other!! We are an Equal Opportunity, Trans Gender, LTG site after all) when there was a roaring noise. ER refuted any reference to last night’s Biryani so to the gate in Chesham Square to see…..


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