druid’s delite…

Oh dear – I can see myself being dragged back into Diablog, screaming!

Mind you, I have been sitting (cosily?!!) on a load of material, so this for The Druid.

There I was, at the 96 a few months ago, coffee in one hand (and Engine Room on the other!! We are an Equal Opportunity, Trans Gender, LTG site after all) when there was a roaring noise. ER refuted any reference to last night’s Biryani so to the gate in Chesham Square to see…..



is it a bird? (ok, so not the one in white)

is it a plane?

is it seriously rare – and rather sexy?

no, it is the first of only 7 to be made of the Alfa Romeo retake of its1950’s

though what on earth it was doing at the location of the 96 in Central London at 8.30 on a Sunday morning (and with Italian plates) still eludes me. Shows you how good a club it is!

And I thought ER had bought it for me – how wrong could I be!

As usual, he didn’t like it (any more than he appreciates anything in life other than whisky and the Jocks) so nothing new there then.

Wotevaa, Druid, enjoy. This is (was) a real exclusive.




2 thoughts on “druid’s delite…

  1. Wow that is beautiful piece of machinery, a real exclusive.
    Italian class, would not look good with black leather.
    There is something special about the flowing lines of an Italian car.
    Now that is a good club to belong too.
    In cars my real loves are Italian or American gas guzzlers, V8 rules

  2. I don’t like its butt, it looks like a shuttle craft. Like really, where is it going and why does it need such big spacejeans?
    The rest is fine, it’s teeth are funny, not a fan. It’s eyes are tired, a lift could be awesome!
    Needs more manliness on the bonnet,edges etc

    Good aerodynamics.

    Over all good. I would still drive it. BEEPBEEP!!!

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