Voters US Style

This video could well be one of the most contrived you will see, but it could also be nearer the truth than you would imagine. Check it out and be amused if it grabs you that way. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the actual video up here, so you need to open / copy paste the link.

4 thoughts on “Voters US Style

  1. I got bored half way through but it is an eye opener, though the video seems old, was this before technology was easily accessible as if it is so then the video hold no merit in todays time.

  2. Dear Philippa,

    Thanks for the post. Jay Leno famously did this kind of questioning. It was called Jay walking, I believe.

    If anything, it is a cry for more and better education, isn’t it?


  3. From recent news bulletins it is a very current and worrying issue in the States and if we are not careful one that is creeping in here fast in the UK too! Do we blame the teachers, or do we blame social media? Certainly with the advent of text and abbreviated script on phones and e-mails, English language spelling and more especially punctuation has gone to the dogs in the UK. The times one sees sign writing with wrong or unnecessary punctuation. I accept that language “evolves” and English has loads of unnecessary odd spellings, but it’s such a shame to see lazy and ignorant so many people are with it.

  4. If recent that is worrying for two reasons;

    1- that they still sell cameras of that quality to professionals
    2- that, yes this is an issue which needs a sharp solution

    Who do we blame? we blame our approach to this issue, I think. We have ignorant persons who do not care to learn and learn to care about what our societies, world is about. It is for the learnt to teach this without teaching and not just teachers, the words you speak ripple further than you think. Achievers are busy with their lives in order to do something worthwhile; this leaves little time to baby adults into a state where they are not in denial about reality. The simple solution is to influence those around you that display these characteristics and let time be the teacher for those worse off. simple but not best solution. This video shows only the uncomprehending being stupid but the fact is this everywhere – many people mention degrees when challenged as though that automatically bestows all the possible knowledge in the world to dismiss anything they do not think is in line with their thought. The fact is they should receive recognition for their achievements but I know a few without degrees who I think will always surpass any degree available.
    Stupidness is not subjective and I assure you just as the less fortunate are getting worse so are those that a little bit more ambitious.

    Personally I think that phones and emails have helped bridge this gap instead of the opposite, whether abbreviation is used or not people are corresponding and learning at an alarming rate, edit fake news, and you have a society that is being taught to search and read and respond and involved.

    Lazy is a key word in a lot of the problems our societies face. But can you call it laziness if everyone else around you is the same?

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