Good times

Dear Reader,

We are living in good times, and very interesting times.

While the wannabe president of the US is de-constructing himself more than the government every day, last week Chelsea Manning was released. Pardoning her was one of the things, President Obama got right. Late, but nevertheless he got it.

And in somewhat related news, the Swedish government stopped the investigation against Julian Assange. They didn’t end the prosecution, but at least will revoke the arrest warrant. Now the ball is in the British field. They still have an arrest warrant for Assange, because he skipped bail. Will the British government do the right thing now? I am not holding my breath.

How did I celebrate the good news? With a bottle of Los Vascos, mentioned on diablog earlier. This time I sampled the 2013, it is lovely. A case is ordered.

No light without shadow. In what seems to be a race to the bottom the British prime minister, Mrs. Mayhem, announced, that the UK will get its own, fully government controlled and regulated internet.

Wait, what?

Obviously, Mrs. Mayhem takes her policies from China and North Korea. The two countries I can think of, that want to block unwanted content completely. Freedom of speech? Freedom of expression? A healthy debate? For Mrs. Mayhem these seem to be totally overrated. Human rights? Freedom of the press? Naa, Mrs. Mayhem feels a lot better without. And so should you, according to her. Equally, you should feel better with the government having all your passwords. Or get charged as a terrorist. What lovely people you Brits elected there.

On a side note, not even China can filter everything successfully. How Mrs. Mayhem wants to accomplish that technically, is beyond me. Because as John Gilmore said:

The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it.

And the Brexiteers thought, getting out of the European Court of Human Rights would be good. No additional money for the NHS, no more free speech, job losses, increased inflation, how is that Brexit thing going for you so far? I constantly have to think of the man, who jumped from a skyscraper and while falling screamed: so far so good.

It will be interesting to see in June, whether you Brits are sheep. Vote Tory and get fleeced. Or maybe you’ll get it right this time? Again, not holding my breath, but setting a bottle aside to celebrate.

Stay sane,

Engine Room



4 thoughts on “Good times

  1. Good article ER – offtopic..

    Job question.

    If I had an agency find me a job and had to cancel the interview due to an emergency – and the job is still being advertised on the Company’s website, would it be a bad idea for me to apply to them directly?

    Time sensitive question. Thanks in advance guys and gals.

  2. It would seem that I would have to beg to be forgiven here on db. I would but I kinda lost everything during those 2 years of psychosis, my job, my house, friends …everything. I have nothing left. I destroyed your credibility I understand that but I never meant for this to happen. While in hospital I was diagnosed with Ptsd as well as the known schizophrenia.

    My therapists guess was that ER suddenly cutting contact was what triggered my ptsd and the paranoia around Philippa trying to hurt me is what made this continuous for two years. Never having met you had a factor in this too.

    No this is not your worry nor concern, but you guys inspired me to go to uni to do mathematics, start coding literally everything in my world was structured because you gave me the time of day and were there for me.

    I will not beg and well to comment is pointless. I hope you gain your credibility and for what I have learned I will always remember and I have been contributing while in recovery to other sites offering as much as I physically can atm.

    My illness does not define me and I am sorry that it brought such distress to you. I will pick up my pieces I hope that you manage with db as I will always enjoy reading.

    I thought though I had a friend on here.

    Sorry for everything.

  3. Thank You Smiles;

    The complexity and weight of mental illness nearly drowned me.
    Picking up the pieces while still unwell is causing bruising to my heart. Your message of good faith made me rest my paranoid mind but for a second. Being high functioning is curse. Try living hell and then integrating into society – and this is speaking from a person brought up from poverty who now understands that that life is bright compared to this state.

    On the bright side, being the most optimistic fecker in this world; things are starting to pick up and should be ready to continue with studies in September!

    If I was to feel bad for all that has been I would no longer be here. I am lucky to acknowledge my mistakes but also learn from them so I can better control myself.

    Though weak right now – “hi life, didn’t think you’d see me again getting back to shizzle, kaw pow, take that” lol

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