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Dear Reader,

Finally, I was able to talk to the head honcho of diablog, Mr. Glynsky himself, Guess my surprise, when I found out, I am not on one of his many block lists. His army of beautiful, yet utterly useless, secretaries and assistants passed my call on to him. And what did he say?

“I’m in the middle of something, let me call you back.”

Yeah, we’ve all heard that before.

But, he did. He called, after many hours. And I am at liberty to reveal, the reason for his extended silence is … work.

Really, that’s what he claims. He is swamped or drowned in work. I hear you gasp. As in real work. Paid work. I cannot believe the gentleman has lowered his life style that much, but that’s what he claims. So, the gentleman is out to increase is already vast fortune.

While I am here, drinking coffee. My love for coffee is well documented here on diablog. And now there is an even better reason for coffee:

“Coffee drinking was associated with reduced risk for death from various causes.”

Yep, coffee drinkers live longer. There you have it. And this does not come just from me, this comes from a proper scientific study. The European Commission had it done, and the correlation between coffee consumption and a longer life is proven beyond reasonable doubt.

Now, it could be, that coffee drinkers are healthier people in general. I don’t care.

More tea for the English, please. Since you dislike coffee and the EU so much. I’ll continue to enjoy plenty of espressi, and watch them die younger. And here is the song to go with it:

Sting – Englishman in New York


Engine Room



3 thoughts on “Have another coffee

  1. I admit to enjoying a good cup of coffee, in fact I have just finished one I made myself.
    I think the reason the English dislike coffee so much is that it’s difficult to get a good cup in this country, so we drink tea.
    Even in a transport cafe in Italy you get good coffee.
    Starbucks is taking over the world with it’s crap coffee, even in Vienna where they have a great coffee house culture the youngsters would rather go to Starbucks.
    More food & drink colonisation by the USA.

  2. I disagree. It used to be this way, I’m not so sure how far back, but say 30 years ago most places didn’t sell espresso. They had a jug or filter, just as in the US. Today one can get an espresso just about everywhere, pubs, restaurants, cinemas and yes cafes! So coffee in England is popular now.
    I do concur that the likes of Starbucks and their weired manipulations of what they describe as coffee is not my cup of tea, but Costa is OK if we are to focus on chains.
    The thing is although personally I am a coffee drinker first, the British do love their tea and it is better than anywhere else. Something to do with having a monopoly on the best tea imports from days of your. We do know how to make it and I do like a cup in the afternoons with something to go with it.
    Long live the English cuppa. I don’t see any signs of the population being so sparse after 70.

  3. Philippa likes a cup of tea in the afternoon with something to go with it. Is this like the visits to the barber, when he would always ask at the end ” something for the weekend, Sir ?”
    Coffee has definitely improved in last years in UK but still not up to Italian or Austrian level. In Italy, when asked if you want a coffee, you automatically get an espresso.
    I love Turkish coffee but without sugar.
    Greetings from Almaty. Also being Americanised with coffee. I will continue drinking Green Tea here.

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