Fake News – GOP style

Dear Reader,

Let me start by assuring you, I am not affiliated with any political party. And certainly not with the GOP.

Nevertheless, the “Poll” email from the GOP shown below arrived:

This is a screenshot, altered only by removing the email address.

You can learn a few things from this so called poll:

  1. The GOP fakes its polls. You can rate Trump’s performance as “Great”, “Good”, “OK” or “Other”. This isn’t polling. At best it is spin, at worst it is cheating.
  2. The GOP is just as bad as Trump. And they dare talking about fake news?
  3. The GOP must consider its “friends” as stupid and ignorant as Trump.

I have no idea, how the GOP got the email address. But I know for certain, it was not registered with the GOP. Thus, this email qualifies as junk or illegal.

The GOP must be very desperate, if it spams people with stupid junk like this.

And if I ever needed confirmation, that I do not want to be associated with the GOP in any way, I now have it.

What a pile of shmocks. The GOP has the president it deserves. What a sad story.

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One thought on “Fake News – GOP style

  1. Trump just continues to baffle us with how incredulous he can be and how embarrassing he must be for Americans in general and the rest of us looking on. I originally thought as he was not a politician he might be a refreshing leader. How wrong can one be?

    I understand his own popularity ratings have tumbled in those States which elected him and with his own party. The chairman of the GOP, I think is Ronna Romney McDaniel and apparently she has fallen out with Trump so badly that they haven’t spoken for months. Four years of him! His daughter in law running a TV channel dedicated to his “true news”, propaganda more like. His obsession with Twitter. Is this fella really grown up?

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