3 thoughts on “The Shot Maker

  1. I don’t really understand this fascination for shots unless you want to get very drunk quickly.
    We were recently at a family wedding & a shot of Jagermeister was in front of every guy & a vodka shot for the ladies.
    Personally I hate the taste of Jagermeister, tastes & smells like cough mixture

  2. Unfortunarely, Jaegermeister is taking overcthe world but in mybopinion, too sweet.
    Much better as a digestive are Underberg, Fernet Branca or Gammeldansk (Danish).
    It is great fun to see how many empty Underberg bottles you can hang from your tongue after a good beer session in Germany.

  3. I haven’t ever got into doing shots with beer, it’s been just one or the other. My generation didn’t get into this as a combination, although we did do the shots on their own, such as Tequila with lemon and salt as a party warmer.

    I am not familiar with Jaegermeister, can’t be getting out enough these days! I am however very familiar with Underberg and Fernet Branca. We used to use Underberg as a “hair of the dog” the following morning, just seemed to sober one up from the worst of hangovers. I still have three bottles in a sealed box from more years ago than I care to mention. Fernet Branca was introduced to me by my mother and her mother, who both swore by it’s unequaled medicinal qualities for just about anything to do with digestion. Still have a bottle of that hanging around too.

    Cheers to you both. How many bottles can you hang from your tongue?

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