The Great George Carlin – @GeorgeCarlinSez

Dear Reader, I have mentioned George Carlin on diablog a few times before, here and here and here. And all the while I was thinking: “Somebody should put up a collection”. Now, usually you don’t write this online. Because it means, you are just to lazy to do it yourself and you are hoping for […]


George Carlin – Our Similarities

Dear Reader, At diablog we write about disputes, disagreements a lot. For a change here is the brilliant George Carlin, mentioned earlier here, about the little things we have in common: Stay peaceful, Engine Room


Real Time with Bill Maher

Dear Reader, It is Sunday, do you have time for a slightly longer post? Recently, to my big surprise, Glynsky posted on diablog a piece with a video from Real Time by Bill Maher. Side note, Bill Maher’s intro: is the second best I know. Absolutely brilliant. And for as long as I owned a […]


American Humor – contd.

Dear Reader, For a change Glynsky is impressed with something American and writes about it here. Now, he claims to have done so “by remote control”. But isn’t that the norm, this being the internet? Doesn’t Glynsky complain usually, that everything internet is too distant? That he prefers face-to-face conversations and things offline? Maybe the […]


American Humor

Dear Reader, This post has “no shit, Sherlock” written all over. According to Glynsky, we Americans do not have a sense of humor. And my all time favorite comedian, George Carlin, whom I mentioned earlier on Diablog, isn’t funny. As an American he isn’t subtle, he is too much in your face, at least for […]


mr. magoo and blind pugh too…

Dear diablog, There comes a time in all relationships where one one realises that the assumptions made at the start are not necessarily as one thought. For once, Smiles and I believed that a peaceful weekend was the agenda and both looked forward to it. In march and The whole essence of the written word, as […]