Sunday Morning Classic

Dear Reader,

At diablog we play a lot of music, and from various genres. With one exception, there are not too many pieces of classical music.

In ‘meat space’, aka offline, I like to start my Sunday mornings with classical music. Usually I have a glass of orange juice, a glass of pineapple juice, my first cup of espresso, the first cigarette, all in peace. And along I listen to classical music.

One of my favorites for that is the overture of Mozart’s Le nozze de Figaro, as mentioned here. Granted, it is a very popular piece, but I have it with a twist sometimes. There is an arrangement out there just for wind instruments. Similar to this one:

Sorry, the quality isn’t very good. But you’ll get the idea.

Have a sunny, relaxed, peaceful Sunday,

Engine Room

Alternative Holidays

Dear Reader,

While Glynsky complains about office parties and tries to motivate you to pick up crazy sport here, I’d like to introduce you to an alternative holiday set up.

Some background first, my family is huge. And I had the great pleasure to enjoy tremendous holiday parties, some lasting three days, some going on for two weeks. Never less than 15 people, mostly we were 25 to 45, having great fun, a lot of warmth and harmony, delicious meals, great wines, and everything you could ask for.

On the other hand, I also have very fond memories of my first holiday season all by myself. For a long time I had access to a huge house in a skiing area. The house had an entrance hall with a huge fireplace, library, music room, salon, bar, playroom, TV room, dining hall, and eight bedrooms. There were two kitchens with fully stocked fridges and freezers plus a wine and beer cellar. The most useless room was a gym.

One year all this was mine to enjoy, all by myself. And luck had it, that year we had a ton of snow. The village was snowed in, cut off from the rest of the world. For four days nobody could get in, and nobody could get out. It was by far my most silent holiday season ever.

I spent it in front of the fireplace, reading, enjoying simple food like steak and whole chicken with delicious wines. It was quiet and peaceful and very relaxing. If you are tired of big party holiday seasons, if you want to unwind, I highly recommend something similar.

And here is the music I discovered then. This is Eric Satie with six of his most famous pieces:

I mentioned him earlier on diablog here. Eric Satie influenced people like Maurice Ravel and Pablo Picasso. And Keith Jarrett “borrowed” heavily from him.

This music is excellent, maybe one of the best, for a lazy Sunday, for calm and peaceful days all by yourself. Sitting by an open fire, enjoying drinks and a cigar, following your own thoughts.

Happy holidays,

Engine Room

Romeo, oh Romeo

Dear Reader,

Are you thinking Shakespeare now? Good. Because he inspired the name of something I want to talk about in the following.

A while back I mentioned cigars here. Actually, we mentioned cigars more than once on diablog. And during one of my last trips one of the spectacular hosts provided me with something special. A real Cuban Romeo y Juliet:




and my very favorite of those, the Churchill:



Update: Sorry, I forgot the music to go with this. Here it is:

Buena Vista Social Club – Chan Chan

The Brits might not care, they can have them any time. In the US Cuban cigars are still illegal.

So, before the DEA or any other three letter agency confiscates it, throws me in jail, or what ever, I will enjoy this world famous treasure,

in peace,

Engine Room

Gold of the Gascogne

Dear Reader,

In line with this post, here is another drink worth your attention. Again, it was introduced by friends while visiting.

Clotte de Manon comes from the best sites of the Armagnac region within the Gascogne:

Armagnac is known since 1461. It is distilled continuously only once, different to Cognac for example. Armagnac is aged only in new oak barrels made of black oak from the Gascogne.

Another specialty, the fruit wine used as basis for Armagnac cannot be sulfurated, or otherwise altered, or have additives. Armagnac is as pure as it gets. Which makes it better than Cognac in my book.

And this Armangac is perfect after a good meal, or with a good cigar.


Engine Room

Oh Marta …

Dear Reader,

No worries, I did not fall in love with a woman. The Marta mentioned in the headline is my recommendation for the upcoming winter.

But first, sorry for the silence over the last couple of days. I was traveling, working, having fun with friends. Like the people abusing Glynsky Towers for accommodation, I dislike hotels a bit. Whenever I can, I stay with friends. Or as I call it: couch surfing. The usual deal is, they provide a mattress, futon, or guest bed, and I invite them out for dinner. Some of my hosts consider themselves a chef and prepare dinner. Then I provide wine and drinks at least.

On one of those couch surfing events we got to know Marta’s parents. And now I’d like to introduce her to you.

Her full name is Amarone Classico DOC Marta Galli. And this is what she looks like:


Marta comes from the La Ragose Winery, and you should give her – or any of her sisters – a new home.

Frederick Wildman is the US importer, and here is a retailer, Astor Wine & Spirits.

I mentioned Amarone a while back on diablog. And from La Ragose came my very first Amarone. It is one of the very best, and you can be certain, it is not adulterated. Which sadly has started to happen at other vineyards.

At 15-16% alcohol, for me Amarone is winter wine. Perfect for that evening in front of the fireplace, after dinner, with a cigar, some great music playing, staring into the flames, ignoring all troubles, and enjoying the good things in life.

And since “I’m not in Love” here is 10cc, perfect fireplace music:


Engine Room

Weekend Classic

Dear Reader,

Not only has this been an extraordinarily busy week, somehow my weekend got a late start. I had the pleasure of helping a free-thinking, entrepreneurial, open-minded person to switch from Microsoft Windows to Linux. Which is always a great pleasure. Consider me flipping the bird to MS and Bill Gates. As usual, it took a bit longer than the ‘five minutes’. In any case, I hope to have made one person happy this week. And that was worth it.

Since this is out of the way now, here comes the diablog weekend classical tune:

Ekseption – Adagio

Of course this is a slightly jazzy interpretation from 1970. It goes well with a coffee and a cigarette, or a whiskey and a cigar.

We had a couple of pieces by Ekseption earlier on diablog. I will never grow tiered of those brilliant musicians from 45 years ago. If you can point me to a current band re-interpreting classical music, would you please let me know?

Enjoy your weekend,

Engine Room

PS: If you are interested in testing Linux without abandoning Windows, drop us a line too.

and it’s been a happy time, ready for the slump?……

Dear diablog,

Wishing you all a very happy day, time with your friends and that all you wished for has arrived, albeit a little sooty.

And, being Boxing Day, just for Engine Room – at only 7GB of memory, and 25 minutes long!


To help digest the port and cigars,

Yours, diablog, ready for the show