druid’s delite…

Oh dear – I can see myself being dragged back into Diablog, screaming!

Mind you, I have been sitting (cosily?!!) on a load of material, so this for The Druid.

There I was, at the 96 a few months ago, coffee in one hand (and Engine Room on the other!! We are an Equal Opportunity, Trans Gender, LTG site after all) when there was a roaring noise. ER refuted any reference to last night’s Biryani so to the gate in Chesham Square to see…..


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time to move on…

Dear diablog,

From me this will be the last on Brexit – its her and will stay, for better or worse. Lets get on with it.

There were 2 things that I wanted to post together but one I can’t upload (maybe one day ER will explain why) so at least this will, if you are interested, answer why Smiles and others got it all wrong in my view.

I am grateful to a Brit for sending me an Italian TV transmission. It however says all that needs to be said as to why many of us voted out with conviction.

Yours, diablog, looking forward to a new life


swingin’ out…

Dear diablog,

I think this is really going to annoy the Druid! He seems to be a ‘head banger’ (hopefully one who likes Quo, which I do) but what goes now under the genre of Rock n Roll is rubbish.

Real R+R was from ’56 to about ’64 at the latest with a few excursions (eg Nuttini) at times since.

The other accusation from the Druid is that musically I live in the past. Really? I shan’t bother to list all the new stuff I have introduced to G+P over the years, his comments (and from others)  on those ‘finds’ speak for themselves.

I had been, until a week or so ago, unaware of Electronic Swing – but am now a convert!

Welcome to Caravan Palace (and their exceptional animations) –

with Jolie Coquine. They…

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