face the music…

Dear diablog,

This ‘ere TrouserPress thing is not all that bad (despite the inability for me to see any films I wish to include – hope you get them) and I suppose that I shall sooner or later ‘get sorted’.

In the meantime, please forgive the mistakes which will invariably happen – like the day Pete (who I now, with regret (?) know/believe to be dead) and I gave permission to Engine Room to flex his paranoia and change us over. I still don’t fully understand (or maybe care) but as always, anything in the name of progress.

According to Engine Room, our new image (the colours and art work of which I hate) is going to mean that for Glynsky and the Defunct/Missing in Action, Pete it is the start of an era and soon it will be

…(just love Coco Taylor!) though I think that, as in the amateur shooting of this clip, he has miscalculated and that members of the ‘audience’ are going to get in our way!

He still maintains that all is ‘beeoootiful’ which invokes a different type and era of music

but I fear that it is more than likely …


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Oh happy days …

Dear Reader,

This year I am one of the happiest people alive:

the youngest graduates


After I don’t know how many decades of school, finally, I am done with it.

Now I can sing along Alice Cooper, schools out for ever:

Because I will not help any grandkids with homework. They can use Wikipedia for that.

Stay curious,
Engine Room

the lost generation, a palindrome…

Dear diablog,

I am grateful to Philippa


for sending me this prize winning contribution of an example of a palindrome. Though this has been around for a while it still is both original and evocative.

A palindrome reads the same backwards as forward. This video reads the exact opposite backwards as forward. Not only does it read the opposite, the meaning is the exact opposite.
This is a video that was submitted in a contest by a 20-year old. The contest was titled “u @ 50” by AARP. This video won second place.

Makes one wonder what was good enough to take first! Anyone know?

Yours, diablog, lost in admiration


am i a ‘new man’? the ultimate sexist post…

Dear diablog,

After Pete’s incredibly brilliant post elevating me to an scion of propriety I have been left feeling inadequate, intimidated and daunted in trying to write something funny.
From now on the best to which I can aspire to is to be amusing.

I did, at the time, wonder if Pete when he wrote this was referring to my favourite cannon?

Somehow I emphatically think not, so back to the subject!

Despite my caring for Mme during her incapacity, I deserve no praise.

Mme breaks her knee, I look after her.
I signed the contract in total innocence and ignorance years ago and at a time when the marriage license cost the same as a dog license. I am proud to have volunteered to rescue her from the shelf and brought reason and meaning to her life.

Over time things have improved and she has gone from this

 to this

in what seems in retrospect to be quite quickly – though on occasions time did drag a bit!
There is still a way to go, but there is light ahead.

So, as the possibility of a return to my familiar male world of picking my nose, work, playing records, tinkering with cars and downloading porn looms ever nearer, what have I learned in my brief tenure of the housewives role?
Should I burn my bra? Is it as bad/good as it is made out to be? Should I ever again pity those tied to household drudge?

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Annoying Platforms

Dear Reader,

Glynsky thinks, I am too fond of the internet. Probably it is an age issue. Glynsky would be quite happy going back to Royal Mail exclusively.

Granted, I am fascinated by the internet and its possibilities. But my fascination is not without critic, especially when it comes to “platforms”.

Cracked.com explains it nicely: If Famous Websites Were People

By the way, in case you need one more reason to dislike Google, after they are closing Reader, the FBI top priority in 2013 is to get real time access to all gmail.
Thanks, Google, for NOT letting me know.

Yet another reason, I am eager to move Diablog away from everything Google.

Stay tuned,

Engine Room

What a Woman wants from a Man

Dear Reader,

A few days ago, our beloved commentator Iren shared “with the rest of the female readers” on diablog a list entitled “Men are like …”.
That’s a classic, a longer version can be found here. The equally beloved commenter Smiles hoped for me to post a rebuttal. Which may come, in due time.

But first, here is another classic. The original author certainly knew a thing or two about men.

Wish List

What a woman wants from a man, Original List (age 22):

01. Handsome
02. Charming
03. Financially independent
04. An attentive listener
05. Smart
06. In good shape
07. Dresses well
08. Appreciates nice things
09. Makes thoughtful surprises
10. An imaginative, romantic lover

What a woman wants from a man, Revised List (age 32):

01. Nice looking (preferably hair on the head)
02. Opens car doors, moves the chair for her
03. Has enough money for a nice dinner
04. Listens more than he speaks
05. Laughs about her jokes
06. Carries the grocery shopping without difficulty
07. Owns at least one tie
08. Knows hoe to appreciate a home-cooked meal
09. He remembers birthdays and anniversaries
10. Is romantic at least once a week

What a woman wants from a man, Revised List (age 42):

01. Not too ugly (a bald head is fine)
02. He does not drive off, before she sits in the car
03. He has work regularly
04. He nods his head when she talks
05. He remembers most of the endings of the jokes he tells
06. He is in good enough shape to occasionally rearrange the furniture
07. He wears a shirt, that covers his stomach
08. He knows that one does not buy champagne with a screw cap
09. He does not forget to put down the toilet seat
10. He shaves most weekends

Well, Gents, how are you doing so far? It continues:

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