AP Archive

Dear Reader,

Diablog loves archives. Whether it is Glynsky’s relative, who provides inside into the days after WWII, see treasure chest, or Asian art, or the NYC Dept. of records, movies, culture, we love all of it.

The internet was built, to make information available. And we all made a big step forward.

The Associated Press, AP, the oldest and largest news cooperative, publishes its film and movie archive online. Find it all here:




Or, if you prefer, watch it on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/aparchive

along with the British Movietone: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHq777_waKMJw6SZdABmyaA

Browse history in moving pictures. Maybe during the next rainy weekend?

Stay tuned,

Engine Room

Art online

Dear Reader,

Since Pete is still a bit absent, posts about art are in shorter supply. Filling in, I would like to point you to one of the most famous museums in the world, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, aka The Met.

Of course, you do not need diablog for that. As the largest collection in the US, located in the most wonderful place on earth, everybody has heard of The Met.

The reason I am mentioning the Met is, that they have uploaded information about more than 400,000 of its +2,000,000 million pieces. And most of them are with high resolution, high quality pictures.

You can find the online collection here:


Naturally, nothing beats seeing it live. But this is second best thing. Plus, even The Met cannot put all its art on display all the time. Neither can a normal person visit The Met that often.

The online collection is a brilliant recourse to study art. Or to just browse it on a rainy day.

Kudos to The Met for the online presentation,

Engine Room

una paloma 2…

Dear diablog,

You will recall that I left you at the wonderful market where all sorts was for sale



including, bizarrely, motor bikes and specifically


I have no idea if this brand is still British let alone in existence but these look new enough.


No, I didn’t buy one but they certainly were popular (maybe the T shirts?) and added to everyone’s enjoyment.

Night fell and after a quick visit back to the hotel to freshen up it was out and to a tapas bar that had attracted our attention…


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una paloma 1…

Dear diablog,

As I write this I suddenly realise that Engine Room gets all sniffy about too much info in one post so have split this into two.

Last weekend Mme and I spent 3 days in Spain which is unusual for us (Spain that is) as we have never really rated what we have seen of it so far.

The first day was in a Parador – this link tells you a bit about them and you can look up any place you fancy – though frankly the buildings and comfort are wonderful but do your best to avoid eating in them.  Having tried 7 so far, we have only ever had one good, let alone outstanding, meal.

But then it was on to Madrid for 2 days and a brilliant hotel right on


Plaza Neptuno. Note that we were nowhere near Plaza Mayor (the sort of Piccadilly of Madrid which, frankly, sucks and is full of rubbish (of all descriptions and very sad).

By sheer luck we were there when (in the surrounding back streets) there was the most wonderful ‘happening’ where Mme had her fill of her earlier life as an antique dealer and Glynsky really enjoyed himself amongst all sorts of stalls




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Europe the American way

Dear Reader,

By now you know, everyone at diablog is somewhat nuts.

To fit in properly, I did a typical American thing. A European tour, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Tirol, Italy and France in a bit more than a week. You want crazy? We got crazy. Four countries in one day, usually that is reserved for our beloved


Smiles. He does that on a regular basis.

Anyways, it was great fun. It confirmed, I do not like mountains and narrow valleys. I need an overview and the sea. It also confirmed, I do not like the French.

Almost all of them pretend to not speak or understand English. And their prices are plain robbery. Ten Euro for an espresso? You got to be kidding me. 100 Euro for 1,000 km on the highway? Do I want to buy the damn thing?

But the worst was a hotel manager, again claiming not to speak English, also claimed 120 – 107 = 3. When I insisted on getting all my change, he had to consult a calculator. Yeah, right. Never mind that my room had been paid in advance and the whole procedure was a scam anyway.

Yet, I had a tremendous time even in France. Partially because I was allowed to stay in a 11th century fortress:


freshly restored, and refurbished to maximum luxury. The outside of the building isn’t what you would call pretty.

But have a look at one of the bedrooms:

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Asian Art Archive

Dear Reader,

Since our beloved Pete took time off (who allowed that?), posts about high art are short in supply on diablog. I admit, museums are not places, where you are likely to spot me. Check the cafe or pub across the street.

But once the artifacts are digitalized, you got me. I can browse for hours. And there is an amazing collection online now:

Freer and Sackler Galleries and the Freer Study Collection

This collection of Asian art, one of the largest in the world, is part of the Smithsonian Institute. It was donated in 1906. And now you can see it all online.

If you prefer to have some sort of a tour, here is the blog, called Bento – art outside the box.

Stay tuned,

Engine Room

did i have flu?…

Dear diablog,

A short while back beloved Engine Room came to the International HQ on a particularly cold day and dressed for the event


well, maybe not, more like


and as the ever polite, and grateful for his time, host I lit the wood burner to add a degree or two.

Trouble was the cheap galvanised flue fitted when it was installed had a) blocked up and b) rotted beyond the call of duty.


Result: office full of choking smoke which did nothing for the environment and made him try to type (he had come to sort some virulent bug our computers had caught from surfing) with his gloves on.

He stoically worked through this ordeal following which I took him out for lunch – which he definitely didn’t enjoy! All round a good day.

As the Glynsky business web site has now been hacked into – god knows how – and another visit is imminent I set to, besides all else I had for the week, to rebuild said pipe with stainless steel tubing which probably should have been used at the start.

As usual with old things the ancient wood burner decided to fight back and (irreplaceable) bits broke leading to wasted time trying to track them down (fail) and necessitating a characteristic Glynsky botch repair…


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