This weekend

Dear Reader,

Everybody here at diablog is wondering, where the heck is Glynsky?

Maybe I have an answer.

This weekend is Goodwood. Somehow I forgot, whether Glynsky attends Silverstone, or Goodwood, or both?

In any case, this year you, I, and everybody else can follow Goodwood via live stream. It all is on Youtube and one can watch it here:

Goodwood Revival Live Stream 2017

If you happen to see Glynsky in the crowd or on the track, let me know.

Stay tuned,

Engine Room


druid’s delite…

Oh dear – I can see myself being dragged back into Diablog, screaming!

Mind you, I have been sitting (cosily?!!) on a load of material, so this for The Druid.

There I was, at the 96 a few months ago, coffee in one hand (and Engine Room on the other!! We are an Equal Opportunity, Trans Gender, LTG site after all) when there was a roaring noise. ER refuted any reference to last night’s Biryani so to the gate in Chesham Square to see…..


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an odd day out…

Dear diablog,

A few weeks ago Engine Room and I went for a ‘corporate’ day out to Hedsor House for something strange (still don’t see the point) called Inside Automotive. I haven’t bothered to put anything about it here as we still don’t understand what they were trying to achieve!

Anyway, Hedsor is a small country pile


with an average suburban garden



to which a number of Classic Cars were invited – all expenses paid!

Of course, Glynsky and ER had to go, for pizza from inside a converted Defender


and to tuck in to some excellent food – and drink!! All enhanced by…


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al fa one and one 2…

Dear diablog,

In the Alfa Day post I referred to a treat – well, for me anyway!

I recently mentioned my favourite Prototype Racers (Ferrari and Porsche of the ’70’s) and now to my favourite Sports Racing Coupes – and what could be prettier than the GTA about which I have raved before.

And there were ‘lots’ there (though the term is relative!!)



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al fa one and one 1…

Dear diablog,

Despite the recent personalised gloom (and thanks for your forbearance) my own time has at least been improved by attending a number of car related ‘days out’.

One of the best recently was the Alfa Spring Day at Beaulieu


in fantastic April weather and with a startling array of Alfas of all ages and types




beautifully presented and arranged for view…


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carz r me…

Dear diablog,

I do apologise for the erratic postings of late – it is likely to go on for a couple more weeks.

Last week we looked at a Porsche 917. So ok, if I am completely honest the sexiest EVER racers were the Ferrari P series of which the 250LM is, bodywise, the Sophia Loren of all cars


with a bum to beat all bums


with, in 2nd place, choose either P3 or P4



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thar she goes….

Dear diablog,

I am constantly accused of only writing of Italian cars – how unfair.

Some things are truly GREAT and the Porsche 917 is right up there, for a lot of reasons.

As a ‘warm up’ for a couple of racing posts, how about this. Quality always shines through and the engineering for the 917 screams (literally) all that and more.

I too have gone through the anxiety of the first start after a rebuild and used gallons of Bradex (will start anything provided you can afford it!) but into 12 cylinders. Wow – I wonder how many cans they used.

That I could be so faultless after 30 years in retirement!!

Yours, diablog, firin’ up