bond and blancmange at the 96…

Dear diablog,

For various reasons there will be a paucity of 96 posts over the next few months as I can neither make the March or possibly even the April events – I had to miss February – so I apologise in advance.

Mind you, the reason for the possible April miss is due to an Alfa Romeo Owners Club Spring Meet so I may have lots from there!

Lets start with the blancmange (does it still exist? – haven’t eaten any for years!!).

Although there are absolute devotees Alvis does nothing for me at all. Though they were, in their heyday, very well known (check out the military vehicles at the bottom of the page link) every one I have been in seems to wallow like a pregnant elephant (thank you Smiles, I can guess your first comment!) and this 21 sums it up!

Not pretty


from any angle


a stodgy interior


and an engine as graceful and exciting as a tractor…


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extremes at the 96…

Dear diablog,

As you have seen over time the attendance at the 96 is seriously eclectic. In addition I have to offer my excuses if I show the same vehicle on more than one post – it can be a real pain to keep reviewing earlier posts to ensure that I don’t repeat myself.

I don’t think that this Frazer Nash Chain Ganger has been featured too much before. The wonderful thing about it is that it belongs to a relatively young man (about 35) who absolutely loves it and goes all over irrespective of weather – protection from which is minimal!


The front number plate is brill, and apparently Mr. Plod has never taken him to task


and from the rear quarter it is really pretty. Brings back my Austin 7 days. And the steering wheel? – the passenger must be punched black and blue on twisty roads!


let alone a face full of rain!


The link above gives you reference to the significance of the chain.


and in a completely different vein…

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the end of it…

Dear diablog,

I trust that you will bear with me for one more time following the sad death of Erika’s son.

This has just come into my hands and seemed the best send off ever. A friend of his was making a movie (despite Mark being very ill towards the end – and it shows) featuring a drive on Mulholland and had just finished it it time.

We can think of no greater tribute which will also please the car people reading G+P.

Yours, diablog, rejoicing in an apt send off




ferrari fest…

Dear diablog,

Ferraris seem to abound at the 96 and now seemes a good time to catch up with a few – new and not so new. And in different colours!

The new includes this sleek beauty in a rather handsome colour


and, to me, a pleasing profile


though the interior is rather brash


though this one is altogether much more aggressive in looks…


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fakes and weird…

Dear diablog,

The next 96 Club meet looms big and I can’t wait to see what will appear, though being January probably not a lot!

So, for the moment returning to October, here’s a coupla things.

First the weirds, a Honda something useless



with a ghastly interior


followed by a Roller with the clumsiest hood ever (and a clot in racing overalls at 8am on a Sunday morning!!)


But maybe a really good fake to warm the cockles is a better bet…


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some things have to be exclusive…

Dear diablog,

As you know 96 Club posts tend to be of a number of vehicles rather than just one – and don’t worry, I have loads more from this year’s wonderful selection.

However, once in a while something that really deserves a space of its own turns up – and this is one.

A superlative, original and real Alfa Romeo ‘Monza‘.


Glynsky once had the great honour of being ‘loaned’ one to race at Silverstone, Zolder and Dijon – and it was no less than the one used by Nuvolari in 1933 to win Le Mans!

Indeed, the owner of that one also owned (but never trusted to Glynsky (!!!!)) the 8C 35 Type C which he has since sold – the price mentioned in the Wiki link above and no wonder I was only allowed to look at it!

Whatever, just for your/my pleasure check this lot out as the real deal for a sunny drive through the West End – sod the Lambos, Porche, Bentleys, this is the way to go!



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