quite outstanding…

Dear diablog,

I wonder if you have heard of the astounding work of an artist called Patrick Hughes?

I hadn’t and am grateful to the BBC for introducing his extraordinary techniques to G+P

This stuff is quite weird and takes some getting used to

but is unique and quite extraordinary.

Long live the creative spirit.

Yours, diablog, with an expanded culture


skools out for summer…

Dear diablog,

I signed off the last post ‘a la Milanese’ – this one is a surprise ‘al Sugo’!

My thanks to Carlo for sending us this delight for children at school lunch in Great Missenden. As ads go it is very very good – and even better (and may I say uplifting) are the amazed expressions on the children’s faces  as the story unfolds. Enchantingly natural.

Well done Sacla – loved it.

Yours, diablog, a baritone


the music goes around and around…

Dear diablog,

Just before Christmas I referred, in a post, to my Jukebox which drew the question from the Druid (good pun Glynsky – you well subtle) as to whether or not it was real. In addition, I recently mentioned ‘time at the glass’ by Carlo’s AMI.

I ‘spose that in this iPod world it seemed a reasonable thing to ask – but I was offended! Someone dared question the authenticity of my ‘Princess’.

Oddly, and for different reasons, I was ‘wandering’ around Youtube the other day and stumbled upon a certain ‘Mike’ who had an exact sister of mine for sale – a 1962 Rockola Princess.

As can be seen from the ‘tags’ I have assigned to this post, a 1962 Princess ticks a lot of boxes for me.

An iPod it is not – it has valves (neither oysters nor tyre) which no one under than 60 would understand (and most of those have no idea what they do or how), kinda lumpy electro-mechanicals (the sort that need vast lumps of aluminium to house them),  strange rotating wheels (a total of 4) which have to talk to each other but seem to get confused from time to time – actually, that is a disingenuous statement – and truly miles of wire wandering around to amp, preamp, bass, treble, hybrid (as in early stereo, not a Toyota), mono, ext and int (depending on where the speakers are) et al plus a wonderfully baffling coin acceptance/return system.

Everyone assumes that ‘shuffle’ exists everywhere, including in an electro-mechanical world. Sorry it can’t. Everything here is sequential and runs strictly from A to Z and then restarts at A – meaning that  whatever the order you have selected the music, it is not played in that order but always sequentially, which seriously confuses the grandchildren!!!

The one ‘wheel’  that fascinates me is the ‘play counter’ (approx 2.07 in the film) which is the yellow wheel identifying each record AND side played by a curved (to not take too much space) metal ‘rod’ which sticks out further each play. The idea is that when the machine is opened (usually weekly) by the record company rep he could identify which disc got the most/least plays and replace them with the latest to suit. And this information was crucial in deciding new releases/genres/taste changes and published ‘Top 20’s’.

Whatever, I am in love with my Princess and ‘Mike’ (who was actually trying to sell his thus devoting much footage to demonstrating its perfect condition) did us all a favour in recording the workings of a truly iconic machine – his musical taste, however, may be questioned by some!!

Yours, diablog, pressing all the right buttons


the whole tool box…

Dear diablog,

The end of the first week of 2016 and where are we? As usual with Engine Room jumping the gun!

Maybe it is just great minds thinking alike and following the ‘Jamaican’ sounds at the same time, but my guess is that he plunders my ideas as I list them.

I spent New Year’s eve with friend Carlo (of the super juke box) where we played all sorts of ska, blue beat and reggae which brought to mind the early ’90’s band and hits of Chaka Demus and Pliers.

Some while ago I posted the ‘standard’ version of Twist and Shout – but theirs was altogether different


though the two for which they were both renowned were…


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and i forgot…

Dear diablog,

As you well know from earlier posts I am a real and enduring fan of


to whit the poster on one of the Glynsky garage doors – I often wish I had kept it better!

Anyway, stupid man, I let the commemoration on G+P of her 76th birthday float passed without a murmur. Shame on me!

I suppose that her most generally memorable song (this filmed at Wembley when she was 70 for heavens sake) is

but for me, since 1966 when I first saw her in New York, Nutbush (1973) is the one that ticks all the boxes.

Sorry my heroine – I hope you will forgive my oversight.

Yours, diablog, in shame and ecstasy


next time lets drop into…

Dear diablog,

Seeing as travel has been on the menu recently it seems like a good time to ‘air’ (literally) a Christina


clip on her latest squeeze.

Granted it is a little long, but spectacular?

Dubai has never been on the Glynsky wish list, but something this exciting could be.

Yours, diablog, dropping like a stone


shades between black and white…

Dear diablog,

This week appears to have been all about music, heavy metal, flying, history and – somewhat obliquely – military authority.

As usual, Christina


who always sees everything as a shade of grey and gets very excited at the thought of having authority imposed upon her, with a view to making diablog a seamless sequence of events, came up with this:

The video clip  is from Steve Slater, co-owner of the ‘Biggles Biplane’  BE2C replica that flies with the Great War Display team.
One of the team members is Bruce Dickinson, lead singer with “Iron Maiden”.

He also owns and flies the Fokker Triplane replica with the team. For those that don’t know him, he appears at 0.16, 2.03 and 2.33 in the video (and that’s him singing a song he wrote about Passchendale that accompanies the video). On this occasion, the team took off from White Walden, demonstrated over Knebworth, then landed at Old Warden and Bruce was helicoptered in to headline the gig.

To fly at the gig at which one is later headlining……..how rock and roll is that?


Honest answer is, as you struggle off my lap girl, I have no idea!

Yours, diablog, ready to rock