i’m just a gigolo…

Dear diablog,

I was recently treated to a day with Engine Room in the International HQ where, apart from the job in hand, we treated ourselves to music with an ‘Italian flavour’.

His overriding comment was that it was ‘elevator music’ – oh well, each unto his own!

What Engine Room completely missed was the Louis Prima content! He had no idea of the outrage some of the cheekier (and highly controversial) risqué stuff caused at the time. This seemed a good time to record Prima on diablog as Engine Room is for now in his beloved NY, from where Prima hails.

This is one of his all time classics



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might glynsky be losing it? (padua part 3)…

Dear diablog,

There was so much to see at the


I could fill volumes – don’t worry Smiles, almost done! – but a lot of time was spent investigating bric a brac


for bits which may be useful to me in a (dreamed of) future possible project.

For years the family have been threatening to buy Mme. a special gift to assist in her shopping expeditions – and to make the experience ‘different’! I (we) are besotted with the iconic…


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engine room soul (padua part 2)…

Dear diablog,

Following on from last week’s visit to Padua I decided to be nice this time to our beloved (are you sure??) Engine Room – and use the ‘cool’ tag for it.

So as an intro


to his favoured mode of transport it seemed apt after seeing…


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good good (wood) part 1…

Dear diablog,

As you know last month was a ‘car related’ time for the Glynsky household. Amongst the highlights was the annual trip to Goodwood – to which apparently the Druid also has ambitions in 2015. Hope we see you there.

Extraordinarily we had the pleasure of seeing Engine Room there on one of his beloved scooters – though he was behaving particularly badly (as usual) as a ruffian in the recreation of a ’60’s phenomenon for all scooter  riders


a Mods and Rockers brawl! The film clip even shows Mme. Glynskette joining in to disarm some Rocker ‘gals’ as she was, and still is, a confirmed Mod.

The event was blessed with good weather this year and there was ample time to admire cars and people on show.

I am constantly being accused of favouring only Italian cars and this is totally erroneous. For example, the best ever Yank for me is the ’55…


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a tribute…

Dear diablog,

Am I ashamed at not posting anything for ages? No!!!

Thanks to Engine Room for remembering my birthday, I shall try to do the same for you one day – maybe!

In truth I have had, thanks to family and a coterie of amazing friends, almost a whole month of celebrations. With due respect to the kind sentiment of Engine Room it is they who are/have been unbelievable. I think I have aged a decade in a month and am only just beginning to come back to earth.

Looks like normal service will be resumed next week but today I join many others in honouring the life of


Lauren Bacall, widow of one of my all time movie heros, the coolest of them all


and originator of the immortal line ‘just put your lips together and blow’.

Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart as Marlowe in The Big Sleep from 1946

One of my all time teenage fantasy’s


I mourn her passing. Thanks for the dreams and the reality.

Yours as you live forever in the fictional heart of diablog,


The coolest song ever?

Dear Reader,

Glynsky uses the word cool a lot. He even created a category for it, I don’t really know why. In the early days of diablog, Glynsky first mis-attributed the title “King of Cool” to Tony Curtis. Only after a while he admitted that my correction – Steve McQueen, obviously – was correct.

Anyway, there is one song, that could very well be called the coolest song ever. It is minimalistic, yet makes you move your feet. It is extremely memorable, you are not likely to forget it, after hearing it once. And it just oozes cool.

Here is:

Green Onions by Booker T and the M.G.s., added bonus: the vinyl scratching.

It is among the Top 500 of all time, part of numerous movie soundtracks like Quadrophenia and Get Shorty, and is one of my all time favorites.

Stay tuned,
Engine Room

pete is like a fish out of water…

Dear diablog,

Engine Room, earlier this week, submitted us to his continuing (continuous?) – and inaccurate –  ravings on ‘delicious’ apparently American based food. Much he knows.

The real deal is never far from where you live, and how much fresher could a 15″ (oh Ok Smiles, 375mm) trout be than this


when caught right outside Pete’s back door – by two young boys with £11.99 rods no less!

Surveying the view of the first catch whilst it was on its way to being landed


amazingly lead, in the blink of an eye, to….


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