How does a true NYer talk?

Dear Reader,

Diablog is neither neutral, nor are we shy with words. While some are more British, aka polite, I am more American, or blunt, or rude.

One of the NY icons, Robert De Niro, talked about voting in the upcoming election. It was part of a campaign to motivate people to go and vote. And he talked like the true NYer he is. Listen and see yourself:

Do I have to mention, that I agree with Mr. De Niro? I didn’t think so.

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Engine Room

on the way out…

Dear diablog,

A picture paints a million words – so check out the colours, and the stats –

Picture2-1024x577 – and the source!

Kinda discounts the theory that non EU investment comes here to get into the EU via us doesn’t it?

Exports to non EU members up by about 20% over 5 years – I’ll settle for that.

Any questions Engine Room, Smiles – others? Pop into Westminster for a chat.

Yours, diablog, relishing Technicolour


PS. I found this graph amongst the really interesting discourse by MP David Davis – if you feel like a read try this as a debunk of the ER range of (skewed) rhetoric.

what a morning, but ER (and Windows 10) is overcome…

Dear diablog,

For ages I have been aware (and we were all given a red card by ER) that the dreaded ‘kin Windows 10 was looming.

Personally I am used to Microsoft – not necessarily a fan – but I don’t want right now to change to something that means I have to start learning all over again. Philippa, bless, has apparently succumbed to the ER pressure and uses a computer program that sounds like a lost African tribe. Enjoy.

However, last night without warning as I logged off I got the news flash – next time you switch on you will automatically be updated. Whether I wanted or not!!

Luckily I remembered that my sister found as quick way round it. Sure enough she gave me the number and, before connecting to the web, spoke to Alvin (who sounded just like one of the Chipmunks) who sorted me out, got rid of Windows 10 and its unwanted (or future) updates and, even better, told me that 7 should be ok to 2019. Eeeeehaaagh.

If you have the same problem try


the Microsoft support line (UK) and all will be sorted.

Alvin, you are brill – thanx



Dear Reader,

First I thought, Philippa’s recent post here, was a satire. Unfortunately, it isn’t funny, not even remotely.

My next thought was, to ignore it. Because it is UKIP propaganda by a Russian wanna-be politician. Read the Wikipedia article on Bukovsky.

Unfortunately, the video wasn’t marked as UKIP propaganda, so I thought a comment would be appropriate.

But then, diablog is among other things about debate. And out of respect, here are some corrections of the most blatant lies in that video.

1. EU politicians are not “appointed by each other”. They are appointed by your elected national governments. If you have shmocks there, blame the government you elected, not the EU.

2. To gain EU membership, a country has to apply. By the way, the UK was rejected the first time through a veto from France. That isn’t “created by coercion”.

3. The EU does not want you to “give up your national identity” or “suppress your national feelings”. If such things exist at all. The UK isn’t a nation state, neither is France,¬† nor Spain, nor Italy, nor Germany. To mention just a few. The EU actually fosters diversity and protects minorities. Just ask the Belgians, Sorbs, Welsh, Scots, Basques, and other minorities within Europe. Feel free to educate yourself here. It seems needed.

Now let’s get to the most blatant lie.

The English voted on EEC (predecessor of the EU) membership in a referendum in 1975. Feel free to read about it here.

If Bukovsky did not know, you should, Philippa. I guess you were around then and maybe even allowed to vote.

Although not paying its full share, the UK has been a full member of the EU with full voting rights. If your elected (!) politicians send  incompetent and/or incapable people to Bruxelles, blame them or yourself, not the EU.

By the way, blaming the EU for everything that might be wrong in your country, has been the only European politics of the UK governments of late. For example, since the 1950s the UK regularly promotes immigration. And then blames the EU for problems with immigrants. What a bad joke that is. Almost as bad as blaming the European Constitution on Human Rights, which was written mostly be English legal experts and judges. That is beyond stupid.

I could not care less, whether or not the UK leaves the EU. But that video is way below the level of Trump, Berlusconi and other shmocks. Or as Glynsky calls them buffoons. It certainly is below the standard of diablog.

Stay sane,

Engine Room

Beware of monopolies

Dear Reader,I have a very strong dislike for monopolies. They don’t work, except for the owner. Today’s point in case: youtube.

Yes, I know, there are other websites for video hosting, for instance. But youtube is in fact a monopoly.

Almost all publishers are hosting their videos on youtube. In our early days of diablog we used them too. Youtube is the first destination for people looking for videos. And Google. which owns youtube, throws all its weight behind it. Youtube links are always prominently displayed on Google search results.

And how does Google make money? Through advertising. So it comes to no surprise, that Google is tempted to abuse its near monopoly. And force you, to pay them through advertising. And they do.

How can one tell?

Yesterday I was looking for a video for this post. And youtube did not work. It was broken. I could not see any videos. The site did not display much at all. After trying a couple of things and spending more than an hour, eventually I found the root of the problem.

To prevent tracking, one can use an add-on called Ghostery. That disconnects from trackers. And currently Ghostery breaks Youtube. Or rather, youtube does not allow you to use its website, unless you allow youtube to track you. Which means, youtube requires, that you let them spy on you, and sell your data to advertisers. All the while claiming that their service is “free”. Remember when their slogan was “Don’t be evil”?

My dislike for Google as a near monopoly is growing every day. They have a near monopoly on searching the internet. And they have a near monopoly on videos. And contrary to popular believe, Google is abusing its monopoly.

A few days ago the story broke, that Google executives contacted the US State department offering to abuse their powers and secretly manipulate Syrian people. Do you want to be governed by Google?

Please, avoid Google, today’s recipient of our Idiot of The Day medal.

Google is neither your friend, nor is it neutral. In my humble opinion, Google needs to be broken up.

Stay tuned,

Engine Room

Diversity wins

Dear Reader,

My apologies for being silent. Our most senior family member had a heart attack and that needed attention. Now all is well again, everyone is happy. Life is good. And 1st world health care is really really great.

What isn’t so great, is the media hype about what is called “sex mobs” by “refugees” or “asylum seekers” or “migrants” or foreigners. Since I was asked a lot, here is my take.

I follow a rule: One does not touch other people

Everybody has private space, and that is not to be invaded. Period.

Since some people do not play by that rule, there has been and still is groping, touching and other illicit body contact. Mostly this happens to women, but my ass has been groped occasionally in gay bars and by women. This is neither new, nor is it a foreign phenomena. Women, older than me, tell me it was much worse in the 60s and 70s. But everyone blaming just foreigners should talk women about their experiences. Or maybe talk to women in Bangkok, or other sex tourism countries. You will learn how well behaved our men are. Basically, assholes grope, not foreigners.

Following the above mentioned rule, I discussed with all girlfriends and kids, how to handle groping. Usually they yell at the person loudly and angrily. Or they slap the person across the face hard. Alternatively, they stomp hard onto the middle bone of his foot. In most cases the groper is embarrassed enough and leaves. If he does not, and I am asked to get involved, I will do so.

What happened on New Years Eve in Cologne and other cities in Europe is neither unheard of, nor new, nor foreign. This is also, why the police in its first statements about the night did not mention anything.

If in doubt ask yourself, why aren’t there any pictures and videos online? Whenever something extraordinary happens today, we have plenty of pictures and videos from bystanders. In the case of Cologne? Nothing. Nowhere. There were hundreds of people, and nobody took a picture? Nobody took a video?

Then the matter received attention. And then the media went bonkers. And then political enemies of the current government – from other parties as well as from within the ruling parties – used the case for what can only be called propaganda. It is propaganda against the German Chancellor.

But in a very rare case, I agree with Mrs. Merkel. Her decision to take in more refugees was and still is correct. She only failed to explain it. Let me do that for her.

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Who is terrorizing us really?

Dear Reader,

During recent discussions with friends in Europe the terrorist acts in France came up all the time. And to some extent I understand. After 9/11 it took me a while to get over it. Sort of. But I think it is high time for some reasoning.

Gladly a German guy provides exactly what we need. Please have a look at the following graphic:


Quite impressive, isn’t it? Europe had real (!) terrorism during the 70s and 80s. And since then the numbers dropped dramatically. You are safer now than anytime during the 70s and 80s. But do you feel that way? If not, ask yourself: Why?

Because the ones terrorizing us, are our governments and the media. Both are profiting from the hysteria. The media get attention and can sell more ads.

And the governments think they can blow even more money on militarizing the police, starting wars, increasing surveillance, and what ever they fancy. Like sheep, people are united by an external threat. There is less infighting during an external attack. And as long as you are artificially (!) concerned about ‘terrorism’, you are distracted from government mistakes.

Please, don’t act like sheep.

Stay tuned,

Engine Room