Dear Reader,

We are up to date with WordPress, 4.4 released today, and all server software. All things should run smoothly. If not, please yell.

That, and some extended traveling, kept me busy, with two more days to go.

Back for the weekend,



Back on track

Dear Reader,

Last week I got knocked out. Not literally, but by the flu or something. And I apologize, if I wasn’t my usual self. Glynsky got worried, I might grow soft. What are the odds?

Back on track, I am taking the liberty to repeat myself with a song, played earlier on diablog:

Sonique – It feels so good

Now in MP4, not flv anymore.

Stay tuned.

Engine Room


Thank you

Dear Reader,

The old tradition on Thanksgiving is to say what you are thankful for.

A good time to say, we are thankful for our beloved commentators:







and Inverness Druid

Who, I just noticed, has no avatar yet. Glynsky, do something!

We are equally thankful for our supporters and muses:








Cousin Tony


and many more. Only Glynsky knows them all.

And last but not least, we are thankful for all you, readers.

You all together make this great fun.

Thank you,

Engine Room


Sorry … again

Dear Reader,

As promised here, we were working on the down time issue. Over the last couple of weeks diablog went offline occasionally. Not every day, and mostly it was for less than five minutes. Nevertheless, that is annoying to you, in case you experience it, and we do not like that, of course.

As mentioned, the problem is too many connections to the server.

After hours of reading log files to find the cause, and conversations with people who know, I gave up.

It seems, that someone is desperate to get into our server. That someone is running what is called a brute force attack. For that other computers are trying to log in to the server with a different password a couple of times every second. The log in attempts have been unsuccessful so far, we believe. But all those connections at one point lead to the webserver shutting down.

The log in attempts become a DoS attack, a denial of service.

We could rent a bigger server. But that does not prevent any attacker to just increase their load. That would be a rat race.

We could block the IP addresses, where the attacks are coming from. But the attackers are switching IP addresses often. It would be an endless game of whack a mole. And we would never know, whom we are actually blocking.

We could hire a content delivery network service like cloudflare. But I think we will wait for the person or persons to go away. Glynsky and I will discuss this.

In the meantime, please enjoy diablog and the summer.

Stay tuned,

Engine Room

Update A note to whoever wants to get into the server: Our pass phrases are very, very long; a mix of characters, numbers, and symbols, not in any rainbow table. Please stop trying.


Sorry for the inconvenience

Dear Reader,

Please accept my apologies for the somewhat unlikely – but still possible – case, that you cannot connect to diablog occasionally.

The reason is a flaw in our server setup. In case you want to know, it is caused by tcpsndbuf, i. e. a limit on server connections.

We are working on it.

Very sorry,

Engine Room


Fasten Seatbelts

Dear Reader,

Updating WordPress, our content management system (CMS), and the plugins we are using is easy now. It happens in the background and – so far – without any problems. You did not even notice anymore and I am not announcing it anymore. Just the way it should be.

Tomorrow we will have to do a bit of updating on our server software, the operating system running the machine running diablog. The reason is another security hole in one of the core software packages, that will be fixed.

In the past, those updates went well. But one never knows.

Should it come to a hick-up, I apologize in advance and take all the blame.

Update: All went well. We will not bother you in the future again.

A big thanks to all developers of Free Open Source Software!

Stay tuned,

Engine Room