Baked Apple

Dear Reader,

Winter is the time for baked apples. Like this one:


This year we are starting with a different baked Apple though. Someone actually baked his Apple Macbook Pro.

It sounds like one of those pranks, remember? We had the iPad scale, the unbreakable iPhone, the water-proof iPhone, and the microwave-charge iPhone, here comes the bake your Macbook Pro.

Only this time it comes from a reliable source, iFixit. Here is what someone did, when his Macbook Pro died from overheating:

Instead, I cracked open the back of my laptop, disconnected all eleven connectors and three heat sinks from the logic board, and turned the oven up to 340º F. I put my $900 part on a cookie sheet and baked it for seven nerveracking minutes.
After it cooled, I reapplied thermal paste, put it all back together, and cheered when it booted. It ran great for the next eight months. Temperatures averaged in the 60s and 70s C—although recently, they began creeping up again.

Kudos to the tinkerer.

Awaiting the usual Apple idiots to bake their expensive toys,

Engine Room

English Cuisine?

Dear Reader,

One of the constant disagreements at diablog is about, where you can get the best food. Glynsky thinks it is in London, I know it is in NYC. Another one of Glynsky’s famous mistakes is, that he thinks the Italians taught the French how to cook.

Leaving all this aside for the moment, I give you what an English O2 smartphone app has to say about English cuisine:


And with that I rest my case.

Eat well,

Engine Room

Argentina + Chile = Heaven

Dear Reader,

According to our beloved commentator Smiles here neither am I funny, nor are you interested in wordplay and maps. As Smiles put it oh so nicely:

Stick to music, food and drink,

So, let’s talk food and drink.

During August I posted some stuff about Summer food here and here. Summer is over, certainly in rainy Britain, and it is time for rich food. Our underweight protagonists at diablog need a few extra kilos for the upcoming winter. Or maybe not.

Some of the cuisines from warm climate zones are surprisingly rich. Or, to be honest, just plain fat. I can understand that people from the cold North favored fat food. They needed the calories. But in the South? The worst cuisine I experienced in this regard is Spanish, or to be more precise Andalusian. After two days of Andalusian food I am ready to burst. But the Spanish went all over the world and brought their ideas to other continents. The best variant of Spanish cuisine – at least in my book – is from Argentina.

Reason number one: Argentinian steaks. These are of the very best in the world. Or as an Argentinian friend puts it:

What you eat as steak, we feed the dogs with.

Reason number two: Argentinian empanadas, especially the baked ones, not deep fried. And I prefer the ones with beef, onions, olives, and raisins. Or beef, tomatoes, onion, and lemon juice. Eat the chicken variants, if you must.



Add to that a great Los Vascos Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon – mentioned earlier here – and I am close to heaven.

The Los Vascos actually is a Château Lafite Rothschild, for a fraction of the price. The Rothschilds exported their grapes to Chile in the 70s, to start a joint venture with Los Vascos. The results are brilliant.

And where do you get all this, without going to Argentina? In the city of course. My favorite Argentinian place is on the upper westside, called Cafe Ronda.

See you there,

Engine Room

bliss or wot…

Dear diablog,

Though none of you have asked (?!) I shall tell you what’s been goin’ down this wonderful month of September – and it certainly, so far, has not been


raining!! So much for the usual early wrong predictions by Engine Room that summer was over!!

Glynsky has been at car events almost continuously for the past 3 weeks and has just now returned from The Goodwood Revival – on which more in the future.

Four days were spent 10 days ago in total dreamland with high on the menu hedonism to an extreme with


as much (and I do mean much) as one could eat (on the best day I managed 3 whole lobsters) at lunch time followed by…

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More summer food

Dear Reader,

The poor Brits are done with summer I hear. While we in the US are approaching my favorite season of the year, Indian summer. Thus let’s continue the post about summer food from here. And my second favorite summer dish is a continuation in many ways:

  • it is based on chickpeas, just like humus
  • it comes from the Levant again
  • and you can add Tahini based sauces

Of course I am talking about Falafel

Normally not a big fan of deep fried food, I have a hard time resisting a good Falafel. Whether as street food in a Pita, or as an appetizer in a restaurant. It is just very delicious. Especially when served with a choice of Tahini sauces, it is very nice.

Naturally, the next question is, where do you go in NY for the best Falafel?

Frankly, I have no idea. There are just too many places serving it, and I would not claim to have tried them all. Or even the majority.

But I can give you my favorite spot the get one:

Taim Falafel

You can find them in the West Village, at 222 Waverly Place.


Engine Room

Public Service Announcement

Dear Reader,

After a recent restaurant visit, where I had to overhear the laud, stupid, endless, boring, pointless conversation at the table next to me, there is something I would like to get off my chest. I am:

gluten-free intolerant

And noisy-vegan intolerant, and bullshit intolerant.

There, I said it, now I feel better. And here is the music to go with that,

AC/DC, Hells Bells

Stay sane,

Engine Room

Summer food

Dear Reader,

After some serious posts, back to the good things in life. It is Sunday, a lovely summer, and since we were talking Israel anyway, why not recommend some of my all time favorite summer dishes from the middle east?

When you are looking for food, that is suitable for a hot summer day, it is wise to check what people in hot areas are eating. The following dish you will find all over the Levant, which of course includes Israel.

My favorite summer dish from there is Hummus, aka houmous, hummous, hommos, humos, hommus, hoummos. Many spellings, all for the same delicious food, which is cooked – then mashed – chickpeas, mixed with Tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic. Some add paprika or other spices.

This cold dish is brilliant for hot days. Not just as an appetizer, as a main course too. It is very tasty and goes well with pita bread, or toast, or crackers. Or any other kind of bread really. Have a little salad on the side, or some tomatoes with olive oil, and you have a full meal, that will not send you into a “soup coma”. Planing a summer picnic? Humus is brilliant for that too.

Nutritionists say, it is very healthy. I don’t give a you-know-what, I just love the taste.

And to make peace, here is a matching song by Pete Townshend,

Let my love open the door.

Enjoy life,

Engine Room