Twitter News for Glynsky

Dear Reader,

We all know, Glynsky is skeptical of new media. “This Twitter thing” being just one of the many, he does not think highly of. In his mind, nothing beats the Torygraph, or Mama BBC.

In my almost tiresome task to convince Glynsky of the value of twitter it hit me.

Maybe it is just because Glynsky has not discovered yet, that twitter is full of news about his favorite soccer club?

So, this is to point Glynsky to the latest twitter hashtag:

There is even a corresponding website,

See, Glynsky, twitter is not all bad.

Stay tuned,
Engine Room

Happy 100th Birthday Gordon Parks

Dear Reader,

In case you forgot who Gordon Parks was, let me give you a little hint. The first few keys will remind you:

Gordon Parks, born on November 30th, 1912, directed this classic movie Shaft.

He is also remembered for his brilliant work as a photographer for Vogue, Life and others:

Now, Glynsky, of course, is celebrating something entirely different today:

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The secret of silence

Dear Reader,

Am I the only one wondering why our two gents and Smiles have been relatively silent? I didn’t think so.

Today the “news” reached the lower ranks of diablog. And we might be able to offer an explanation.

Rumors are, that yesterday – or some day – the Spurs won against ManU. Don’t ask me what that means. I am as puzzled as you are.
But reportedly, it was the very first time this happened since 1989, after 23 years. Meaning, our younger readers did not have an opportunity to witness this event of global importance before.
Pete and Smiles, who wear spurs all the time – if that’s what Spurs means -, most likely have been drunk since. With joy, of course.

At the same time, a relatively unknown ensemble by the name of Arse, or something remotely similar, lost against Chelsea. That was a local derby.
Anyway, it was the first loss of an arse this season, and that seems to be a catastrophe.

Glynsky, a big fan of arse, is said to have fallen into a coma first. Then he refused food and drinks for a life-threatening period of almost 15 minutes and did not talk. For roughly five minutes.
This must have been quite a beautiful piece of arse, that was lost. An immediate inquiry revealed, Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Minogue and other owners of famous backsides are not hurt. Sadly, no picture of the lost arse was available at the time of writing yet.

But don’t worry, help is on the way. I hear, Elsie, aka Her Majesty, is discussing to take action. She is seriously considering to make a statement, right after finishing her tea. Or after the six o’clock gin. But most definitely this year. Or the one thereafter.

All will end well,
Engine Room

Happy 130th Spurs

Dear Reader,

Hungry Elsbeth ensconces herself at diablog in a very nice way, women do have a tendency to do that from day one, don’t they? Pretty soon we will be looking at new decoration, be missing the remote control, and have flower pots everywhere. Oh well.

While Elsbeth redecorates the rooms, I searched for another reason to celebrate, meaning have a drink or two. And I can report success.

Todays anniversary will make one diablogist very happy and one of our patrons even grumpier than usual.

On September 5, 1882, 130 years ago, the first members were registered at what was then the Hotspur Football Club, and is now known as

I assume, our beloved Smiles, formerly known as SGM, is dancing all day today. While Glynsky looks at his Arse with a sad face, it is four years younger.

Before we get any deeper into ….. no, don’t worry, I am not taking you there.
Relax, I will refrain from any further details about Glynsky’s Arse. Or about soccer, it isn’t really my cup of tea, like tea itself.

But any reason for a toast is a good one.

So, here’s to Smiles and his Spurs,

Engine Room

Arsenal win (at least) three golds at london 2012…

Dear diablog,

I just could not resist the re run of the title of a previous post to try to elicit another fulmination from Pete!

One of the main Team GB heros of the games, Mo Farrier


won, as you probably know, two gold medals in both the 5,000 and 10,000 metre sprint events and (quoted from the Times yesterday) ‘should just about have room on the living room wall to hang the two in a frame alongside a wall full of signed shirts and mementos of his adored Arsenal football team’.

This is somewhat paraphrased, but includes two words with which Pete is unfamiliar – ‘football’ and ‘mementos’. The former has not been played by his team for years and the latter he was lacking until the kind intervention of Smiles who saved him a bun rejected (but handled) by Cliff someone who is now in his dotage.

So how was


for you? Now it is all over I feel bereft and at a loss. All that remains are a handful of Alfa Romeos and so many memories of gargantuan feats by young (though there was that Japanese dressage person of 70) people in their absolute prime. What can I do during these balmy summer evenings other than return to the days of recorded action and drink vats of Pear Cider – a sort of antidote to the swilling I have been subject to over recent years and accurately recorded in a post by Pete. Hours of watching stuff in which I had never before had an interest – and still in the main do not understand.

Around me…

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Arsenal win (at least) 2 golds at the Olympics…

Dear diablog,

The last seven days have been more than testing for me and the inspiration for posts has been sorely tried. However the emotion of a burglary whilst on holiday is slowly receding and life is kinda returning to normal at Glynsky Towers.

But what could be normal when


is on the doorstep!! I have been glued to the TV, the radio and every other form of communication including reports from relatives at the site.

I am astounded at the silence of Pete (bar one brief reference) and the sad introspective by Engine Room whilst cocooned in his ‘best ever work station’ in some gloomy tenement dreaming of cholesterol busting American junk food! At least the joy and exuberance of Smiles has burst through during his excellent holiday – long may we optimists quell the paranoia of internet browsing to find but the negative.
Poor Engine Room, even his only fan, Casper, is treated with disdain in a long and rather boring series of wordage pirouettes from this prissy larva stuck in an attic. Switch horses Casper – Leeds is a great place with brilliant night life, good food and lots of fun to be had.

Talking of Leeds and Yorkshire, from just down the road


is one of the best of them all – go Jessica,go! You and all the fantastic Team GB athletes who have added to the amazing spectacle of youngsters at their peak with skills, dedication and talent beyond belief have given me 7 days of pure joy. Mix in all the other nationalities and one begins to realise that life is for living and not moaning and bemoaning. Power to all of you, you have lifted a whole country, if not the world, out of gloom.

And to the point of this post, to the chagrin of Pete and no doubt Smiles, Arsenal have won…

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