a tribute…

Dear diablog,

One of the reasons for the long Glynsky silence has been the losing battle for life being fought by Malcolm –  aka Doctor Death and The Blind Dentist – a long standing and dear friend of Glynsky and his coterie of friends. He passed a couple of days ago and his funeral is on Wednesday.

Without knowing him in person you are all aware of him – he is the one on the left of our heading photo. He, and Richard (on the right) were pictured by Pete at a Glynsky party.

He was a lovely man, best described by someone else as being irritatingly lovable. A Gooner, a confidant, a supporter if you needed it, opinionated, maddening, lazy, funny, ate ‘anything that could hang its head over a farm gate’ and all round caring guy.

Glynsky et al salute a lovely human being who affected everyone who came into contact with him.

We shall all miss him.


the end of it…

Dear diablog,

I trust that you will bear with me for one more time following the sad death of Erika’s son.

This has just come into my hands and seemed the best send off ever. A friend of his was making a movie (despite Mark being very ill towards the end – and it shows) featuring a drive on Mulholland and had just finished it it time.

We can think of no greater tribute which will also please the car people reading G+P.

Yours, diablog, rejoicing in an apt send off



a very sad goodbye…

Dear diablog,

It would not be appropriate to display Erika’s thumbnail here as diablog is devastated to have to record the passing, at a ridiculously young age, of her wonderful son.

We sincerely hope that this post does not add to her angst but I felt that as a regular reader/contributor it was the least I could do.

mark b

We all send our deepest condolences and support through this terrible time and our thoughts are with you.

A cool dude and lovely person leaving a super wife and two young and highly intelligent kids.

Our thoughts are with you,


a day off…

Dear diablog,

The last two days have been very black.

It is rare that I am affected for very long but I hope you will understand my silence for part of this week.

I wont make a fuss but had some bad news (not relating to me or Mme) this weekend and am rather reflective at the moment.

Back soon