little by little, welcome august…

Dear diablog,

Just when you thought it was safe … Engine Room puts in an appearance!

Svetlana, who was despatched from the International HQ to assist,


nearly caused a boob to be exposed when she adjusted the angle of Pete’s filming. This lead to an optical illusion making the subject seem taller than he really is but this secret contribution of his alter ego at work (talk about moves!) shows him to be the clown he really is.

What better way to start the month!

Yours, diablog, in appreciation of our leader



my work is done, farewell july…

Dear diablog,

Christina continues to be thrilled at her ‘technology’ submissions here on G+P’s diablog.


Here, after a great deal of research, she follows up her ‘square peg’ hit (how many page views!!!) with an insight into Glynsky’s labours – though sadly not for an Alfa Romeo!

Brilliant. How I wish it could all be really done so fast! Still, it gives an idea of how I have spent the month – so farewell July, lets hope the fruits of labour work for the whole of the rest of the summer.

Yours, diablog, shedding the overalls



and on the menu tonight…

Dear diablog,

Mme Glynskette is not particularly faddy about food and enjoys good stuff as much as anyone – but even she blanched at this cooking tip sent by Michaela from America!


There are a lot of well meaning folk trying to cut down obesity in the Western world but faced with this what can be done! The mind boggles.

Michaela writes:

Ingrid, forget the calories!

The Absolute Ultimate ‘Man Sandwich’

Here’s what you are going to need


I used a loaf of hard crusted Italian bread, 3 ribeye steaks, 1 lb mushrooms, an onion and some bacon. First, hollow out bread…


Cook everything up…try to leave the steaks a little rare as they will carry over cook a little more in the sandwich.


Shove one of the steaks in the bread


Sauce the steak


Philippa’s correction on Fleetwood Mac

Dear Reader,

You can read diablog in many ways, on the www, in your news reader, via email subscription, etc. And there are different ways to participate. You can leave comments, send us an email, “re-tweet” us and what not. All are appreciated a lot.

Smiles is our most diligent commentator. Nana Silvergrim is our prime “re-tweeter”. And until recently Philippa provided content to and via Glynsky.

Smart women, when correcting Glynsky’s post about Fleetwood Mac, she sent it to me via email. Here it is:

Hi Glynsky,
You are forgetting the founder member of Fleetwood Mac – Peter Green.
I saw him and the original line up at a pub in Wood Green in 67 – 68 and promptly went out and bought their 1st album Shake Your Money Maker, which still gets played occasionally.
Only 2 1/2 years with them until he got side tracked on acid in Munich, but up there with Eric Clapton on guitar playing. Still going you know!
All the best.

Thanks Philippa!

Stay tuned,
Engine Room


cara mia = this is my ferrari…

Dear diablog,

Once again cousin Giovanni,


is right the button when it comes to the care of a favourite personal possession! Despite this not being a ’60’s Alfa it obviously is the apple of the owners eye.

Could this have been filmed in one of Engine Room’s NYC cycle lanes?

See you later in July cuzz – and I promise not to do it!!

Yours, diablog, going for a service



wasn’t me guv, honest…

Dear diablog,

Philippa writes


to console Pete (and probably Smiles), who appears to be devastated that the man who made Muppets

of the British Tax Man

a few months ago (but luckily never made manager of the Harry Redknob British Slippery Convict 11) has lost his job at Tottering Hotspoor.

No matter, you two, as the letter he wrote the chairman made all too clear…

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