We agree, Glynsky is late

Dear Reader,

The headline is somewhat wrong and misleading. There should be a period instead of a comma. I am pointing this out, because of the recent struggle with spelling, missing words, grammar, and reading properly here on diablog.

Back to the points, what do Glynsky and I agree upon? First, that Glynky’s latest recommendation here, Angel’s Share, is a great movie. Secondly, that Glynsky misspelled the title, missing the apostrophe in Angel’s.

But then, as the famous xkcd pointed out a long time ago:

There is always someone wrong on the internet.

On to why our dear Glynsky is late, I might add, as usual. Because I recommended the movie three (3 !) years ago. On October 28, 2012, I wrote Enjoy Responsibly, with the movie title even in the headline. Been there. Done that.

In related news, I went to Glasgow not too long ago. I know, the English aren’t fond of the Scots. But I get along with Scots very well, and have zero problems with their accent. Glasgow seems to be a great city, and it has very very friendly people. Hopefully I will be back soon. I’ll let you know. In the meantime, from Glasgow:

Simple Minds – Promised you a miracle

Keep on rolling,

Engine Room


are you ready?…

Dear diablog,

With the Christmas break looming you, and many others, will be probably looking forward to at least one or two days slumped in front of the television.

If like Glynsky you enjoy a good film you may not find what you want available so this seems an opportunity to make two suggestions very much enjoyed recently.

I love Romcoms (girlie that I am) and if you are prepared to accept the most ridiculous of plot lines with the most unlikely of situations and character profiles possible (which I also do) you could do a lot worse than try ‘Barefoot’

I found it gentle and good fun.

On the other hand…


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eye spy 5…

Dear diablog,

I have, of course, seen Man From Uncle and if you have too I hope you enjoyed. Not a ground breaking movie but, as an escapist, much enjoyed by me.

As the final post on the subject here are some images taken during shooting – you may even recognise the scene – but to me as a novice really interesting.

All ready for the ‘action’


Glynsky’s car sets off


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Another tribute

Dear Reader,

As Glynsky wrote his tribute here, this is mine.

Since I did not meet the man, this is for  Smiles and The Inverness Druid:

Mogwai – Auto Rock

Mogwai is a Scottish Post Rock band. The song Auto Rock has been used in Top Gear, featured in the build-up to the Formula 1 Silverstone Grand Prix, in the trailer for the film The Brave One, and at the end of the 2006 film Miami Vice. The central piano riff is a citation of Crockett’s Theme that Jan Hammer wrote in 1984 for the original Miami Vice series.

A good tune to say good bye,

Engine Room


eye spy 4…

Dear diablog,

I guess that all good things come to an end and it would probably be boring to bang on with the million pics I have about vehicles used in the making of The Man From UNCLE.

So, as the penultimate post on the subject, some stuff taken whilst at Leavesden.


If you have seen the film you may recall that a lot of it was set

DSC05429 - Copy

in, supposedly, East Berlin



wonderful what one can do with plywood and papier mache….


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eye spy 3…

Dear diablog,

Continuing the story of Man from Uncle, you may wonder what all this activity around Glynsky’s car was


and why they were admiring their work


– fitting the number plates of course!

But just, if you have seen the film, try to recognise some of these other vehicles that featured



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eye spy 2….

Dear diablog,

Back to Millenium Mills and Warner Bros


and some more images of the three week sojourn including


the truck fired by air catapult into the Thames. Actually, one of the trucks! There were several in case it went wrong (remember, as with the off roader this is filmland and there is always ‘backup!) –



-were they removed afterwards?

And what about…


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