Late from and to the party

Dear Reader,

Before going to bed, after a nice party, I have a quick look at DiaBlog, and what do I see?

Glynsky says: I had been, until a week or so ago, unaware of Electronic Swing – but am now a convert!”

Unaware? Really?

So, what about the post entitled Electro Swing from May 2015, a year ago? Or this one from June 2015?

Either Glynsky isn’t paying attention, or he’s got Alzheimer’s.

Yet, I am glad he came around.

Keep on swinging,

Engine Room


swingin’ out…

Dear diablog,

I think this is really going to annoy the Druid! He seems to be a ‘head banger’ (hopefully one who likes Quo, which I do) but what goes now under the genre of Rock n Roll is rubbish.

Real R+R was from ’56 to about ’64 at the latest with a few excursions (eg Nuttini) at times since.

The other accusation from the Druid is that musically I live in the past. Really? I shan’t bother to list all the new stuff I have introduced to G+P over the years, his comments (and from others)  on those ‘finds’ speak for themselves.

I had been, until a week or so ago, unaware of Electronic Swing – but am now a convert!

Welcome to Caravan Palace (and their exceptional animations) –

with Jolie Coquine. They…

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Still around

Dear Reader,

Smiles asked, whether Philippa has taken over for me. Nope, she hasn’t. I am still around, much to Glynsky’s discontent.

Yet, I have been a little busy lately, more than usual. And I appreciate Philippa stepping up. Thanks for that! Diablog isn’t limited in space, and I hope to read and hear more from her.

Plus, who does not like Blues Brothers as in her post here? We had various videos from that brilliant movie already, like shake a tail feather, the Peter Gunn theme, Think by Aretha Franklin, and of course everybody needs somebody to love.

To add something completely different, here is

Dee D. Jackson’s “Automatic Lover” from 1978.

Stay tuned,

Engine Room


Meet the Les Paul Killer!

Joe Bonamassa would like you to meet his 1958 Gibson ES-335, better known in guitar circles as The Les Paul Killer. Why is this amazing guitar called the Les Paul Killer? Well……………

Dreaming I could keep up.