This weekend

Dear Reader,

Everybody here at diablog is wondering, where the heck is Glynsky?

Maybe I have an answer.

This weekend is Goodwood. Somehow I forgot, whether Glynsky attends Silverstone, or Goodwood, or both?

In any case, this year you, I, and everybody else can follow Goodwood via live stream. It all is on Youtube and one can watch it here:

Goodwood Revival Live Stream 2017

If you happen to see Glynsky in the crowd or on the track, let me know.

Stay tuned,

Engine Room


skid row…

Dear diablog,

Just as I was about to leave for a break in Amsterdam (more I hope later) this piece of excellent driving fell into my hands.

I am not really sure of what the fuss is about – this sort of stuff happens at every race meeting, but then maybe it is not always filmed so well.

Well held sir!

Yours, diablog, round the U bend


carz r me…

Dear diablog,

I do apologise for the erratic postings of late – it is likely to go on for a couple more weeks.

Last week we looked at a Porsche 917. So ok, if I am completely honest the sexiest EVER racers were the Ferrari P series of which the 250LM is, bodywise, the Sophia Loren of all cars


with a bum to beat all bums


with, in 2nd place, choose either P3 or P4



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thar she goes….

Dear diablog,

I am constantly accused of only writing of Italian cars – how unfair.

Some things are truly GREAT and the Porsche 917 is right up there, for a lot of reasons.

As a ‘warm up’ for a couple of racing posts, how about this. Quality always shines through and the engineering for the 917 screams (literally) all that and more.

I too have gone through the anxiety of the first start after a rebuild and used gallons of Bradex (will start anything provided you can afford it!) but into 12 cylinders. Wow – I wonder how many cans they used.

That I could be so faultless after 30 years in retirement!!

Yours, diablog, firin’ up


a hole in one…

Dear diablog,

I love Historic and Classic cars, go to meets and race meetings.

All of them have risk attached – that’s half the fun – and a lot happened at the recent Members Day at Goodwood where the Glynsky grandchildren went for the day. It  included a, much to Engine Room’s chagrin, Cobra ‘episode’

followed by much much more!

Please study this map of the Goodwood Circuit closely…


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the sky’s the limit…

Dear diablog,

Personally I have become very disillusioned with F1 racing and almost never watch it.

As a Williams fan (dating back to Alan Jones) I find it all a bit of a yawn with a preponderance of spoilt kids at the wheel and run by computers in the pits – usually housed in billion pound motor homes. Harking back to Jones for a moment, at the 1980 British GP (the clip at the end is 25 mins and only for the dedicated) I had ‘lost’ Mme and kids in the pits – easy and friendly in those days – at Brands, my second favourite after Spa. After ages of searching she was taking tea with Mrs Jones and the to be Sir Frank in the Williams pit. Without labouring the point we were all invited to the ‘post race party’ with all the other drivers. Memories, memories!

Back to the point, though not a Hamilton fan – Christina


who is sent this and I have to admit that he does come over fairly well.

Lucky bastard!!

Yours, diablog, on air


PS. read more if the 1980 GP interests you!

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sod global warming…

Dear diablog,


christinahas been rather quiet recently but has just sent me the following – slightly erroneously tagged as racing (should be rally) but what the hell! Still crazy.

Before you watch:

  1. Notice how close the people are (and this by the way was filmed in 2015).
  2. Turn up the volume to hear the instructions from the navigator – the Irish accent needs careful listening.
  3. How do they do this without being sick?

I always hankered after this sort of thing and good I may have been but this good????!!!

Bejaysus – mental!

Yours, diablog, at the wheel