i go ape…

Dear diablog,

One of the Padua posts drew much attention due to interest by all (much to my surprise) in the Piaggio Ape!

And I thought it was only me!!!!

Crazy though it may seem there is a burgeoning interest in the UK to get racing Ape’s established on the motoring calendar – though it has exisited in Italy for quite some time. The clips of British events were miles too long for diablog, but for the specific pleasure of both Engine Room and the Druid, try this from Monza in 2006.

It must have been a Red Bull event and Motocross rather than circuit, but it’s all there – pretty girls and all.

Bring it on!!


Yours, diablog, three wheelin’


good good(wood) part 2…

Dear diablog,

A post for the Druid and Engine Room!

First a clip from the St Mary’s Trophy Race 1 for the Druid to spot how many of the cars racing his family may have owned


And the number was? Plus, did you clock the crazy little white little BMW. Brilliant.

Second, and for our resident Cobra man…


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on yer bike…

Dear diablog,

In the recent Salon Prive post (and there are several to come, I promise) Engine Room referred to not being interested in the bikes – of which there were many classics including the extraordinarily rare


Maserati 160 cc racer.


However lurking nearby was an amazing animal worthy of mention which had been hand built, in a shed, by the designer (a shy retiring geezer) called the …

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emergency stop…

Dear diablog,

It has been some while since I brought news of ‘stuff’ from my friends historic workshop – but then this is not only a car blog so I try to limit your ‘overexposure’ to one of my favourite subjects – though they seem to really interest the Druid.

A short while back I posted film of Mike Hawthorn in a Jaguar D type at Le Mans.  

Things back then were not as simple as today and technology had a long way to go.

Amongst the various cars of his own my friend owns a real D Type which is always the subject of some careful attention and particularly now as



it is being prepared for his daughter to drive…


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an easter treat…

Dear diablog,

Some weeks ago I promised you an amazing piece of motoring related film. I have finally got round to getting it sorted.

Quite honestly if I never post another vid it wouldn’t matter! This is truly rare, priceless and absolutely extraordinary. Mind you, what is ‘ordinary’ about a 24 hour race? And in particular Le Mans – and in 1957!

Check out the old lady in the pits at the start of the film, the microphone, people milling around in full path of the cars and mechanics – stunning.

Bless Erikaerika3

a like minded soul, for sending me this.

The main subject here is actually Mike Hawthorn – a true hero of his time and forever a legend.

Is it the first ever ‘on board’ camera? What on earth were the ‘ordinary’ folk thinking as they cycled and drove their vans in the course of an ‘normal’ day? That I could have been there.

I am lucky enough to have shared Alan Jones caravan sorry, motorhome, at Brands in ’81, supped tea with Prost in ’86, exchanged addresses with Derek Warwick,  dined with Eddy Jordan and a million other memories – but nothing, nothing like this!


This is so special it is here in time for you to enjoy with a chocolate Easter egg. Watch it through carefully – every time I do I spot something else!

Yours, diablog, ready for the road


the even more beautiful, club 96 part 3…

Dear diablog,

Oh my! Obsessed as I am with Alfa Romeos and in particular the SS’s of the ’60’s this is where I really want to be!

It is ‘identical’ to mine


but kinda more ‘useful’ as Graham had literally just returned from Sicily having competed in the Targa Florio


and as you can see fully race prepared with all sorts of typical add ons which don’t do anything for its beauty – or does it? It is what they were designed for, though ‘modern’ racing gizmos can look out of place.

Even the engine has an original masterpiece of a head by ‘Angiolini’ which is not even remotely addressed by the term ‘hens teeth’. To think that when he bought the car he had thought of throwing it away! Then he asked an expert.


The rest includes a layer of genuine Sicilian mud!


But why had a passing bunch of cycling fitness geezers stopped?


Because, dear reader, they clocked the gorgeous and totally unique…

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since 1905, to end 2014??

Dear diablog,

Many of you seem to love the car posts, but to even those that don’t I hope that you will find a moment or two to send an e-vote from the link below.

I would be surprised if any of our readers have ever heard of the Brighton Speed Trials let alone been to it.

However, before reading on have a quick glimpse at this and be awe struck at the names of past participants.

Having been there every year for about 10 at the height of my competitive driving exploits I can assure you that it is crazy




and an event for bikes, cars, dragsters, classics and Joe Schmoe in his Cortina that is unique in the world.

The well known (to Brits) genteel seaside town hosts, for 2 days a year, what is, to Americans, a drag meet and to Brits a Speed Trial and to most Europeans a Sprint.


down the main sea side promenade and, the best bit for anyone going, the opportunity to get right up and real close as the public virtually line the road and you can have all the access you want to the pits.

And it is free!


Its been going since


1905 and blow me, the local council wants to stop it!!!


WTF for???

Please, if you have a minute or two, help to save an institution by following the link  and voting here (NOTE: Casper has found not working – see new link in comments. Votes to be in in next few days please!) and let others enjoy…

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