Why football is better than soccer

Dear Reader,

Our beloved commentators claim ignorance regarding the Superbowl. Luckily the did not come up with the suberb owl.

Since even BBC aired the match, we could ignore it. But why not settle it?

Let’s start with the misconception, that football has to be played with the foot. It is called football, because the ball is one foot long. Ta da. And it is called a ball, like in rugby, from which it originates.

And why is it better?

First of all, football is similar to speed chess. The quarterback has to position and move the players like on a chess board. And he has to make decisions in split seconds. Throw? Pass? To whom? While constantly being in danger of a tackle.

Secondly, the players are not wimps faking injuries, every time they feel an opponent close by. It is a contact sport. Not an exercise in acting. When is the last time you English saw a soccer game without diving?

The breaks are long and plenty to have a beer, a conversation, or something to eat. Football is social and inclusive.

Isn’t sport about finding the best? Too often soccer games are decided by luck. What is the most common score? With one or – if the spectators get lucky – two goals deciding a game, luck is as important as skill. If I wanted to watch gambling, I’d go to a casino.

There is enough action on the field. The fans do not have to fight each other, which is all too common in soccer.

And last but not least, repeating myself, this:

Thank you very much!

Engine Room

NYers are nuts

Dear Reader,

2016 got off to a somewhat crazy start. Not only for us at diablog.

In December everybody said: “What a lovely Spring we have, this Winter.”

And then, four weeks late, it hit us really hard. Now most people wonder, are NYers crazy? Yes. Yes, we are.

During the lovely Winter of ’95 a few nutters drove down from upstate NY – on snow mobiles. They wanted to drive down 5th Ave. And they did. Naturally, they got caught and fined. Was it worth it? Every penny.

How do you top that? Maybe like this:

Snowboarding and skiing behind a 4×4 on Times Square. Woooooohoooooo!

This is Times Square on a normal day, and below during snowy days:

Have fun,

Engine Room

forget the pud, get healthy…

Dear diablog,


phirripa real

is obviously, a bit like Casper, into maleness (if such a word exists!) and keeping ‘up to it’.

She saw fit to give us all a lesson into what we should be doing right now instead of tucking into mince pies and enjoying the dreaded office party. Certainly the balance needed is not commensurate with the intake of alcohol…


… but I know which I prefer!!

Life needs ‘balance’.

Yours, diablog, freewheelin’


PS. If you can’t take the whole thing (it is quite long) the outakes at the end are worth it – they are actually human!

for england and saint…

Dear diablog,

This man


Referee Joubert, was obviously in the mind of Signor Shakespeare in the Henry V


speech, though he got the name wrong.

G+P suggests that he should now be the patron saint of England for services to the happiness and well being of rugby fans.

The slime and anger of Tweeters, Trolls and members of the SNP (the Jocks have always been poor losers) is so funny and warms my heart.

They (the Jock Whinging Brigade) have even had a pop at JK


who has had the temerity, as a true ‘Briton’, to marry a Jock and offer her support to their fans for the (wonderful) mistake by M. Joubert. The bile and attacks on her for not being a true Jock and daring to try to support her husband defy description. May they all rot in the Hebrides.

Long live St. Joubert! Maybe he will feature in the next Harry P book.

Yours, diablog, really enjoying the pain of those of the north


getting hammered…

Dear diablog,

My time over the past few weeks and probably for the coming 2 or 3 seems to be getting under more and more pressure. Why? Just too much on and too much to arrange.

One of the things that took several days was the, to become annual, Glynsky


Party. What a corker that proved to be. The first decent day of sun for weeks and a collection of enthusiastic players


keen to learn and demonstrate their prowess at the finer subtleties of the game


in keeping with the ‘official’ rules.

I have been given a wonderful set


and maybe, just maybe, we may instigate a G+P Croquet Tournament at the start of summer next year – providing, that is, that unlike this year there is one!

Yours, diablog, mallet at the ready


next time lets drop into…

Dear diablog,

Seeing as travel has been on the menu recently it seems like a good time to ‘air’ (literally) a Christina


clip on her latest squeeze.

Granted it is a little long, but spectacular?

Dubai has never been on the Glynsky wish list, but something this exciting could be.

Yours, diablog, dropping like a stone


on yer bike…

Dear diablog,

In the recent Salon Prive post (and there are several to come, I promise) Engine Room referred to not being interested in the bikes – of which there were many classics including the extraordinarily rare


Maserati 160 cc racer.


However lurking nearby was an amazing animal worthy of mention which had been hand built, in a shed, by the designer (a shy retiring geezer) called the …

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