Romeo, oh Romeo

Dear Reader,

Are you thinking Shakespeare now? Good. Because he inspired the name of something I want to talk about in the following.

A while back I mentioned cigars here. Actually, we mentioned cigars more than once on diablog. And during one of my last trips one of the spectacular hosts provided me with something special. A real Cuban Romeo y Juliet:




and my very favorite of those, the Churchill:



Update: Sorry, I forgot the music to go with this. Here it is:

Buena Vista Social Club – Chan Chan

The Brits might not care, they can have them any time. In the US Cuban cigars are still illegal.

So, before the DEA or any other three letter agency confiscates it, throws me in jail, or what ever, I will enjoy this world famous treasure,

in peace,

Engine Room

Is your website censored in the UK?

Dear Reader,

My recent disappointment in the British freedoms, or lack there of, has not been the first. You do you remember UK Censorship at Work, Censorship and surveillance in the UK, and UK officially starts internet censorship, don’t you?

Since 2011 the British internet service providers are “filtering” – that’s newspeak for censoring – the internet. Unless you opt out of the program, thousands of websites are blocked. Gaming, porn, weapons, alcohol, tobacco, and all this dangerous stuff is being censored.

Of course, the technically advanced just use a proxy or VPN to get around it. Rest assured, the kids, who officially are in dire need of protection and are being abused to justify this censorship, know exactly how to get around it.

But you Brits must be very happy with the government telling you what to read and see. Otherwise, you would have done something against the censorship, wouldn’t you?

Of course I care. It would be a tiny bit sad, if diablog with its content about alcoholic drinks, tobacco and what not was censored. Luckily, there is a website, where one can check, whether of not a website is being censored:

It was set up by the Open Rights Group and I extent my thanks to them. They found so far, 21,140 sites blocked, that is 19% of all sites tested there.

According to this report, diablog is not.

Stay tuned,

Engine Room

Diablog Motto?

Dear Reader,

On a recent stroll I saw the following graffiti:

I know a man, who gave up smoking, drinking, sex, and rich food. And he was very healthy right up to the day he killed himself.

This is attributed to the legendary Johnny Carson. It would work quite well as a motto for Diablog.

Stay sane,

Engine Room

Help settling a bet?

Dear Reader,

May I kindly ask our British readers for help in settling a bet?

As a regular reader you know, I smoke. And that includes cigars. As tough as it is to find a smoke friendly spot in NY, the always helpful Yelp lists some 270 cigar bars and lounges here. One of my favorites is Club Macanudo.

Now, a friend claimed, the English would not be smoking much anymore. And certainly not cigars. I did not believe it and we made a bet.

My search on Yelp London revealed just about 70 cigar bars and lounges. Being English, my non-smoking friend was not convinced. Thus, I would like to ask you – except for Smiles – whether or not Brits still smoke cigars.

Do Brits frequent those cigar places? Or are they all dying or dead? Do you go to cigar places? Or do you know people who go?

Please let me know in comments. Thank you very much in advance.

Cigar and Brandy in hand,

Engine Room

When nothing else matters

Dear Reader,

It has been said before on diablog, I am a lucky bastard. Today is a great example.

After days – and nights – of work, when all was done, a friend and I went for a delicious meal at one of our favorite Italian restaurants. The patron sensed, we were celebrating, and offered two spectacular wines.

The first one was a rare red wine from South Tyrol, northern Italy.  Glynsky and Smiles probably know it.
The grape is Lagrein, the one we enjoyed was a Tiefenbrunner 2008 Lintictarus Riserva Pinot Nero (Alto Adige).

The owner had opened the bottle before and it was ready for consumption. What a teat. If you don’t trust me, read a short review here.

When we had finished our meal and the bottle, the padron asked, whether we were in the mood for something even better. This is what he came up with:

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Thank you for non-/smoking

Dear Reader,

Once in a while the issue of smoking comes up here at diablog. As a regular reader you know, Glynsky, Pete, and I smoke. In case you have not noticed, tobacco even has a label here. As you can see, with just 11 posts including this one, it isn’t that all important.

Smiles doesn’t smoke. And he is concerned about our health and encourages us, to stop smoking. Thank you, Smiles. No offense, can I settle that issue?

Tobacco is a drug.
Nicotine is a poison.
Tobacco is as addictive as heroine and cocaine.
Cigarettes contain nasty things:

Smoking kills.
We know that.

With that out of the way, I would like to point out, that up until the mid to late 90s, smokers and non-smokers lived side by side pretty peacefully.
At all civilized dinner parties and meals, there was no smoking, until we had finished eating. Thereafter, the smokers went for a smoke into another room. Unless everybody smoked, or the non-smokers did not mind us staying at the table.

In the 90s NYC had the most reasonable smoking laws.
Smoking was prohibited anywhere near people having a meal. I welcome that. Who wants to have the taste buds bothered by smoke while eating?
Most restaurants, pubs and bars had separate smoking rooms or smoking sections. The common question from hosts and hostesses was: “Smoking or non-smoking?” Perfect.
Smoking was prohibited in most public buildings, planes, and all other public rooms, where it might bother and would have an impact on non-smokers. There were separate compartments for smokers in trains. Absolutely fine.
My freedoms end, where they start limiting yours.

Then politicians started a campaign.

Yes, you read correctly, politicians did, not the non-smokers. Funny, isn’t it?
Let me explain.

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farewell november, one for the diabloggers…

Dear diablog,

Our readers have, by now figured out that a) all three of us are smokers, b) we enjoy taking a tilt at each other and c) we love photos and art.

To jolt us and show you a triumph of trompe l’oeil (sent to me by a friend) what about this:

Titled ‘The Smokers Room’ I feel it should join Pete’s similar contribution of items of artistic merit.

Yours, diablog, with weeds