Smoking – not the formal dress

Dear Reader,

Diablog has been somewhat calm recently, with only a few arguments. Let me change that. More precisely, let me ruffle Smiles’ feathers and those of all the other complaining (!) non-smokers.

I am not going to argue health cost. Neither will I defend smoking. And I will not compare smokers to the millions of people swallowing “anti-depressants” daily or chocolate or fat or whatever keeps them happy. In my book, everyone is entitled to his or her favorite drug.

Smiles complained here about smokers in restaurants and even about those smoking outside of restaurants, making him “wade knee deep through cigarette butts”. Something I am extremely eager to see, by the way. But back to the issue.

Up until about 12 years ago, NYC was heaven.
Almost all restaurants had separate rooms for non-smokers. Naturally – at least for me – smoking was prohibited anywhere near people having food. I would not light a cigarette or cigar while people are eating.

Then the new laws were passed and smoking was prohibited in all restaurants and pubs and bars and discotheques.

And this is nuts. Why?
Because non-smokers don’t go out much, they are less sociable, less inclined to spend time and money in bars, pubs or clubs.

Now I can already hear many of you yell and scream.

But I’ll give you proof. Continue reading “Smoking – not the formal dress”

FSCs are coming – keep lighters at the ready

Dear Reader,

If you are following diablog for a while, you know, I am a smoker. Not only do I enjoy a cigar now and then, I smoke cigarettes too.

Yes, I am one of those guys forced to stand outdoors for a cigarette after a meal in a restaurant, paying big bucks in taxes, supporting your health care system. Supposedly. Yeah, right.

I am also the guy, surrounded at parties by “non-smokers”, asking for “just one cigarette”, repeatedly.  

Quite a few co-smokers asked lately, whether the cigarettes have changed. Nowadays, cigarettes extinguish more quickly, if ignored. Whereas in the past they burnt all the way to the end, when unattended.

The reason is, we now have – or are getting more and more – FSC, fire safe cigarettes. They are becoming mandatory by 2012 and the industry already started shipping them.

During the holiday parties be prepared to give a light more often to the shnorer.

And enjoy your vices,
Engine Room

Examples why you should care about #Censorship and #Privacy

Dear Reader,

Are you still getting your news through what I call old media and many others call “Lame Street Media”? Than you might have missed a few of events.

This week the FBI announced the arrests of two more “cyber criminals”, one being a homeless person and the other one supposedly a “member of notorious LuLzSec“. I leave it to your imagination, how a homeless person commits cyber crimes. I guess he sleeps in his computer. Equally funny is the fact, that by now as many as 8 people have been arrested as “LuLzSec members”, where the group only had 7 to begin with. But the FBI failing in math is neither an event, nor newsworthy.

The scandal is a company called, a VPN and Proxy service. Services like this are used to circumvent censorship, protect you against eavesdropping and protect against data retention. We had pointed to such services here.

During the reporting about above mentioned arrests it became known, that keeps log files about its clients. And they gladly hand over those log files to the government.

You might now wonder, what does that have to do with you, since you do not commit cyber crimes? Let me explain and at the same time get to the other events. Continue reading “Examples why you should care about #Censorship and #Privacy”

Irene or no Irene, indulge yourself

Dear Reader,

While parts of the world are obsessed with Irene, diablog gets my indulgences of tonight.
After a quarter pound cheeseburger, medium – cheddar cheese, and a delicious Creme Brulee, the best dessert in the world, I had one of these:

Oban, 14 years old, along with one of these:


Macanudo Portofino.
This will now be followed by one of these:

Balvenie Doublewood, 12 years old, along with one of these:


Le Hoyo du Gourmet by Hoyo de Monterrey.
(Cuban, find a trustworthy dealer, be a regular)

Let the world go nuts and spoil yourself,
Engine Room

a reason to be cheerful…

Dear Diablog,

I am happy to report that Pete, Engine Room and I have survived ‘No Smoking Day’ and look forward to a happy and relaxed future (well, for at least the next 363 days!!)…

and, just for the Blind Dentist, a word of warning!

Have a good day, diablog,


advent of music…

Dear diablog,

I have been reflecting on the Engine Room comment about ‘no new British music for a decade or more. As usual he is talking bollocks. I suppose the poor soul can’t help negativity, his blogs are sponsored by Duracell (an excellent marriage between Durex and Onecell Brains Inc) and all he knows is that his girlfriend’s Rabbit (guess which one is him) can go on all night whilst he lights incessant Marlboros.

Notice the title has two words – music and advent.

The first is the opportunity for me to diss his Britpop thoughts (have you watched the Florence video yet – do it NOW if you haven’t) with – to include eye candy for Pete (when viewed on Youtube this starts with a bizarre ad for the first 3 seconds which I believe to star ER’s latest flame, after using the rabbit) –

however, it is the first day of Advent and maybe Pete and I can do a Christmas song every day for you to add to the selection in your local shopping mall.

So to kick it off

Have a good day diablog


cut the crap (4)…

Dear Diablog,
What with all that happened last week you may have noticed a certain silence from me!
Be honest, were the other two of any interest at all – naaaaah! Same ‘ol same ol’ – added to which Engine Room has the cheek to suggest the DJ Extraordinaire – that’s moi – knows little about music old or modern! Hah – what does he know? And as for the ‘other person’ – Meatloaf, are you sure! How me – I am slim, virile and very very desireable.

I assure you – music (as in the real stuff) will resound in your ears again before too long.

But, diablog reader, to the latest soapbox – food!

Amongst other things, I have just been awarded the soubriquet of being the ‘ Jeremy Clarkson of food ‘!
How proud of this am I!!!!

And how did I earn this…

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