Two Happy Birthdays and Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Dear Reader,

Today we can celebrate two birthdays, both movie people.

Let’s start with Jason Robards, who at least for me will always be Cheyenne from Once upon a time in the west:

But you might also know him from playing real-life people, Benjamin C. Bradlee in All the President’s Men, Dashiell Hammett in Julia, and Howard Hughes in Melvin and Howard. For all those he was Oscar nominated. In 1988 he won the Triple Crown of acting: Oscar, Tony, Emmy. He was a great and wonderful actor.

It would have been his 90th birthday today.

The 2nd birthday celebration is very special to diablog:

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the italian job 2, another bit of the found archive…

Dear diablog,

For a number of reasons one of my all time favourite movie actresses is Sophia Loren.

who still looks a lot more than just a million dollars
and, for Alex who likes redheads

which, together with thousands of other images available, should make my point!

However, our hero, Sash Fisher was responsible for the sound  on one of her films (which I have just had the pleasure of watching)

or, as it was known in English
Following completion of shooting she gave, as appears to have been the custom at the time…

the italian job 1, another bit of the found archive 24…

Dear diablog,

As usual my life turns every few days to a bit more delving into the  enormous pile of Sash Fisher movie memorabilia which becomes ever more fascinating.

This time we concentrate on


a 1961 offering which scores a deserved 6.9 on the IMDb (I have just watched it!) but which includes, as a bonus, a scene to delight Engine Room and his fetish for…

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haven’t i seen you somewhere before? another bit of the found archive 23

Dear diablog,

Continuing with the Sash Fisher movie archive I bring you this time some scenes from, probably,  unknown (to me that is) movies in which we can only suppose he was involved. Any guidance and help would be appreciated.

This first one looks kinda familiar but I have no idea of those depicted (except that the man at the back looks very much like Ronnie Barker – but I doubt it) –

and this one also looks familiar and I think, along with the third…

Smiles’ search engine must be broken

Dear Reader,

Glynsky found a very nice little treasure and Smiles made it my job to do research on this. Even Pete put pressure on me. This is what I wake up to now.

What is this, Guys? Am I everyone’s personal slave now? Can anyone order me around?
Where did I sign up for this? And more importantly, how do I get out of it again?

OK. Let’s get that job done and over with.

Glynsky’s could have made it easier, if he had bothered to make the model name readable or type it.

His piece looks very much like a Taylor Compass, a “Usanite” model, which was used by WWI soldiers and cannot be found in the official Taylor catalog.

If it is from 1916, then it is one of Taylor’s first makes and more than just memorabilia.

Taylor was a U.S. compass manufacturer from Rochester, New York.

Sash probably got it in the UK, because Taylor first cooperated and later merged with the British manufacturer Short & Mason.

How do I know all this?

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is this the way to amarillo, another bit of the found archive 22…

Dear diablog,

I guess I will join Sasha (our source for much memorabilia) on this one and become a bit of a tease!
As mentioned before, Engine Room seemed to believe that there was interest in watches so for this post I point you to this:

which was found in the pile of his assorted timepieces, and wonder if you can recognise it for what it is?
You are probably wrong (did I hear stopwatch?) as it is…

just in time, another bit of the found archive 21…

Dear diablog,

I promised you a change from movie stuff that was found in the Sasha Fisher archive recently, added to which there has been some interest on diablog in watches, with Engine Room even creating their own label.

Sash had quite an interesting ‘collection’of the usual broken strap cheap stuff but we found three interesting items, the first of which was a German Aviator watch.


These things are enormous (see later) and were apparently either worn on the wrist over flying overalls or, apparently according to a specialist of my acquaintance, at the ankle – though how you could read it is another matter.

As with all his possessions this needed a bit of research as it was an odd thing for a submarine commander to own and heavens knows from where he obtained it, though for someone who also owned a piston from the engine of a Japanese Zero fighter (Mitsubishi a6m) which is in use in the International HQ as an ash tray


I guess anything was possible – anytime!
So back to the watch…

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