skools out for summer…

Dear diablog,

I signed off the last post ‘a la Milanese’ – this one is a surprise ‘al Sugo’!

My thanks to Carlo for sending us this delight for children at school lunch in Great Missenden. As ads go it is very very good – and even better (and may I say uplifting) are the amazed expressions on the children’s faces  as the story unfolds. Enchantingly natural.

Well done Sacla – loved it.

Yours, diablog, a baritone


just to clarify…

Dear diablog,

I first apologise for my protracted silence but this is due to too much pressure on the Glynsky brain –  which can only, now, process one piece of information at a time. I am doing my best to catch up but ‘stuff’ keeps getting in the way and I regret that diablog has suffered (??) my absence. I promise to do better next week!

Add to ‘stuff’ an interest in developments on  ‘Brexit’  – ever confusing to the ‘non aligned’ – things get ever more complicated for a simpleton like me.

One of our correspondents – I think Christina


is doing their best to help us all through the conundrum and has sent the following.

I hope it helps to shed light on this contorted subject.

All is clearer now,

Yours, diablog, voting with me feet


You ain’t seen nothing …

Dear Reader,

The headline of this post is an optimistic one, I am an optimist.

I know, some of my posts on diablog about spying, tracking, the NSA/GCHQ, WikiLeaks, Anonymous, censorship could have fooled you. Those issues are depressing. And life would be much easier, if one just ignored all of it. Enjoying nice cars, good food and drinks, music and movies, all the good things in life is a brilliant distraction. Or as Glynsky calls it: escapism.

But even when drawing your attention to one shlemazl or another, I do believe things will improve. Why? Because I do believe in my fellow humans. Point in case, a very dear friend of mine.

He is a Brit, and lived in the city for a few years. That is New York City, of course. This gent was born into a good family, received an outstanding education, did his world tour, started a career and was on his way to a bright future.

Instead of following this path, to pretty much everyone’s surprise, he quit his well paid job and started doing good. He went out into the world to help people. Over a period of well over 15 years he has lived in places around the globe, which we associate with bad news. Bad news as in war or catastrophe. Haiti, Uganda, Ecuador, Afghanistan, Lebanon, these are just a few of the places, where he lived and helped people.

The gentleman has seen the world. And with his feet firmly on the ground, he always considered Britain to be great. A great place to live, a free country, much better than most other countries. He was almost equally fond of the US, but just. Whenever we discussed US and UK politics, my concerns where brushed off.

But then I started to notice slight changes. More than a year ago he got a new laptop. And his first action was to fully encrypt the hard drive.

I could not resist asking: ‘What are you doing?’

His reply: ‘One has to do this by now, I am afraid.’

This was the first substantial and noticeable crack in his wall of confidence.

Then, a few weeks ago, while we were discussing the UK, to my surprise he made this statement:

‘Twenty years from now we will look back on this period and acknowledge, this was when the UK became an oppressive state.’

He continued to say, Britain is neither great, nor better than other countries. Most Brits are just sitting there, letting it happen. And life under constant surveillance is not worth living. Wasting money on military and police and surveillance, instead of investing in education and helping the less fortunate, is a huge mistake.

Now you wonder, why is that ground for optimism? Why the headline?

Because, when I asked: ‘What will you do about it?’

his reply was: ‘I will go back and change this.’

Dear Brits, if your brightest, best educated, with ample experience in and skills for turning things around start working on improving Britain,  changes are coming.

Have some music to go with it:

Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – Mighty Quinn

Stay tuned,

Engine Room

Just in time

Dear Reader,

Just when I suggested on diablog here, that you install some privacy enhancing add-ons in Firefox, there comes an update. And I highly recommend you install the update. You are using Firefox, aren’t you?

The newest version of Firefox has a wonderful feature. It blocks some tracking. If you open a ‘new private window’, automatically some trackers are blocked. What you see then looks something like this:

Tracking-ProtectionFirefox uses the blacklist from Disconnect, which I had mentioned here. You can still run the PrivacyBadger. The Privacybadger uses a heuristic approach to detect and block trackers, not a blacklist.

Why did the Mozilla Foundation, which provides Firefox, add this?

For years Firefox had a feature called ‘Request that sites not track you’. You can find it in ‘Preferences’ under ‘Privacy’. But the advertising industry ignored it. The fact that you did not want to be tracked did not mean anything to them. Basically, the advertising industry thought: fuck you. We will make money with your data, whether you want it or not. Nice, isn’t it?

So what do you do with shmocks, who refuse to listen? Correct, you hit them where it hurts, their wallet. And this is what Mozilla just did, slightly less hard, than I suggested.

By the way, our stupid senate passed CISA, formerly known as CISPA, the law that allows for data sharing between internet companies and the US government for spying on you. Reducing tracking data helps you to be a little bit less traceable. So, go ahead an update your Firefox, please.

Have wonderful day, enjoy your internet browsing, and stay tuned,

Engine Room

keeping time…

Dear diablog,

You may consider this as irrelevant and a quick way to get over the problem of too little time to post regularly at the moment – but you are wrong.

Mme. and I are unashamedly addicted to Strictly on Saturday nights and record it to revisit at any time.

Sometimes the most unlikely person gives a performance of truly astounding skill – added to which I am totally, hopelessly in love with Aliona!


Add to this the discovery of a real dancer lurking inside the rather ordinary Jay McGuiness, whose success as a singer is ‘ok’ at best, and things explode onto the screen.

Even at height of his terpsichorean skills Glynsky would have been daunted by the routine ‘jive’ the two of them got through.

Really worth a watch

Yours, diablog, with twinkletoes