for england and saint…

Dear diablog,

This man


Referee Joubert, was obviously in the mind of Signor Shakespeare in the Henry V


speech, though he got the name wrong.

G+P suggests that he should now be the patron saint of England for services to the happiness and well being of rugby fans.

The slime and anger of Tweeters, Trolls and members of the SNP (the Jocks have always been poor losers) is so funny and warms my heart.

They (the Jock Whinging Brigade) have even had a pop at JK


who has had the temerity, as a true ‘Briton’, to marry a Jock and offer her support to their fans for the (wonderful) mistake by M. Joubert. The bile and attacks on her for not being a true Jock and daring to try to support her husband defy description. May they all rot in the Hebrides.

Long live St. Joubert! Maybe he will feature in the next Harry P book.

Yours, diablog, really enjoying the pain of those of the north


next time lets drop into…

Dear diablog,

Seeing as travel has been on the menu recently it seems like a good time to ‘air’ (literally) a Christina


clip on her latest squeeze.

Granted it is a little long, but spectacular?

Dubai has never been on the Glynsky wish list, but something this exciting could be.

Yours, diablog, dropping like a stone


tomorrow is a red letter day…

Dear diablog,

Tomorrow is a red letter day – why? Wait a bit and you will find out!

What has been taking place, however, has needed a degree of mechanical skill and this is the best clip, thanks to Erika


that I have come across recently that seriously shows mechanical skill!


Mind you, as she says, only in India!!!!

Yours, diablog, fair dinkum


the railroad runs through the middle of the house…

Dear diablog,

After my long silences it is good to be back (to some degree) in control of my life.

Last Saturday was important.

Was it because of the appearance of Smiles’ team in a Cup Final? – Naaaaah. Was it because it was Smiles’ birthday, to which none of us were invited to the party? – Naaaah.

The real reason was a visit by the Glynsky family (in force) to what was one of the best theatre experiences I have had for ages – if not ever!

Heard of


the Edith Nesbit book?

If you are British it is highly unlikely that this rather (I thought at the time) gushy Victorian story has passed you by. Actually, and now having seen the show which is true to the book,


it is interesting to ponder whether this is an allegory on the British class system, a prod to support those in need or simply Roy of the Rovers.

Whatever, the production is absolutely brilliant and this clip will give some idea…


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keep out – not for the women…

Dear diablog,

To quote a banner at the Emirates ‘over and over again’ (which  apparently refers to Smiles’ team), every time I start to develop a post on topic a) I stumble across something that diverts me to post b) and so on – drives me nuts with bits of paper with scribbled notes all over.

Anyway a later post this week will link to this one (rather obliquely) but I decided to post b) first because it is Monday, wintry, I love the subject, it will hopefully annoy some feminist/do gooder/health and safety official/green/commie/fun spoiler/campaigner and anyway, as a man,what’s not to like!!

Only the older  out there, who bought Playboy in the early days, will remember  the name of Alberto Vargas. What I guess none of us knew at the time was how old he was compared to his audience of the ’60’s and ’70’s as these earlies of his illustrate –



but heck could the man draw, both figuratively and an audience!

Even better the values of originals can be up in the hundreds of thousands of dollars – deservedly.

For the times his work was seriously risqué…


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my hero…

Dear diablog,

I have for some time been beset with ‘electronic’ problems which have vexed me greatly – and without the help of Engine Room (given unstintingly, with modesty and utter disregard for all that he had to do himself for several days) was close to being banished to the nether reasons of the web for ever. Really.

In brief, my business site had been hacked some while ago and was distributing mounds of spam, phishing and rubbish to literally thousands. For the first time in ages we seem to have got through 24 hours without a repeat.

Without him I was helpless, so



In appreciation of all you have done.

I think that finally I (and probably he) can now properly devote the time to diablog it deserves.

Yours, diablog, in awe of the man’s knowledge and patience