1st time here?

Dear Reader,

This is the first post. 
And much to everyone’s disappointment, it comes from the Engine Room.

Well, I am setting the stage for Glynsky and Pete, so to speak. They thought that they deserved an introduction. And since no one else volunteered, it fell onto me. So this is what they, and unfortunately you too, are getting.

Who am I?
The guy in the engine room, running the technicalities of the diablog. A guy, whom no one ever notices, pale, skinny, bags under his eyes, over worked, under paid. Just think of Johann in “Das Boot”. Yep, below, that’s him:


In other words, I am the least qualified person for this job. (The first sentence of this post did make that painfully obvious, didn’t it?) But, if you ever have a question about features or technical issues, send an email to:

EngineRoom |at| GlynskyAndPete |dot| com

And what is this diablog?
The diablog is Glynsky’s and Pete’s stage. Let me quote a little bit from Q&A:

The diablog is the mix of blog and dialog. Glynsky and Pete are having conversations, sometimes disputes, about stuff they know. Guy things, the good stuff in life. Like music, classic cars, movies, wine, food, traveling, etc.

And they let you listen in. Or better read in. And since it is a diablog, you may participate.

Who are Glynsky and Pete?
First of all, the guys in the front page picture are NOT
Glynsky and Pete. But one of them shot it.

Both have their own introduction pages, see here and here.

So, if they have introduction pages, why do you have to write an introduction?
Thanks, my words exactly, when I was asked to write this. But have you ever heard of or even experienced a boss listening to the guy in the engine room? See? Same thing here.

A few last words of caution:
The diablog contains humor, irony and sometimes even sarcasm. And we do not always add a smiley or LoL or other obvious hints to those posts. We believe in intelligent conversations, where the participants use their brain and think.
If you cannot stand this kind of writing or are easily offended, you might want to take the liberty to read something else.
If, on the other hand you appreciate it, let us know and participate!

Now, without further ado,

ladies and gentlemen,

I herewith give you,

Glynsky and Pete,

the diablog!

Have fun, enjoy and participate.