Who is Glynsky?

Aha -you expect to find some information about me, Glynsky, here.
But I decided to write something about Pete, my partner in crime, instead.

So, what is it like to be Pete.
Well, to sum up in a few words:

  • angst ridden,
  • playwright and pantomime producer (a little to keen on the ‘Dames’ sometimes),
  • a feminine side.

Big on Coy Carp, Flora and Fauna, Music, Antiques and old stuff in general and the main supplier to the UK of Lara Croft lifesize models.

He has an amazing talent to take brilliant photos without cutting off the head – or feet for that matter! People flock to his door to record their images for their posteriors.

Thinks of himself as the Harrison Marks of recent years, but uses the airbrush in the wrong places. However, Health and Efficiency was a good reference point, and his contributions to Readers Wives will go down.

Hopeless romantic, but hasn’t a clue who the ‘New’ ones are (mixes up Gabrielle Rossini with the lead singer in Spandau Ballet).

Is a punk (as defined by Dirty Harry) and can get the most out of a Stanley Steamer, but with no clue on cars other than they have back seats, with which he is intimately concerned, though he can’t find many that recline to make his research easier.

Is he amazing – yes.

Does he rock – only after Famous Grouse.

Can he whinge – in spades.

Is he cool – always leaves the front windows open in case any one in the car park bores of dogging and wants to record his seat research.

He is able to spin his silver web around any folorn maiden (or maid for that matter – age means nothing to him) and leave her dizzy, panting and bored.

Would you (or I ) like to be him, mmmm – naaaaaaah!