Who is Pete?

Instead of writing about myself, Pete, let me tell you about Glynsky.

My co writer, Glynsky, is a man of many parts. But only a few are still working.
However, I hope you will soon realize, just how talented this man used to be, and on very rare occasions still is.

There is no room on any blog to sum up Glynsky’s remarkable CV.

Apart from some of his other talents listed below, Glynsky has worked for his own Company for the last 74 years.

He somehow managed to get himself fired in a boardroom coup recently, which took some talent, as he was the only Director of the firm. Perhaps his main mistake was voting against himself.

Still his loss is our gain and he now finds time to develop his other talents, as soon as he can find any.

His previous experience included failure as a racing driver on the little known formula 18 circuit, as well as a brief but lucrative career as a part time mud wrestler and DJ.

His knowledge of 50’s and 60’s music is second to none, or so he tells me, and he devotes what spare time he now has to breeding ostriches from chicken eggs with as yet little success.

Glynsky is a keen classic car enthusiast and currently owns a small fleet of classic Alfa Romeos.
Unfortunately a bit like Glynsky himself, most of them are in pieces.

Finally I should say something, that may actually impress you all about this man. He is in fact a direct descendant of Italian aristocracy.

His great great grandfather was thrown out of the mafia for cowardice, but the family continued to flourish until Glynsky arrived.

However he has maintained his high ranking Italian heritage with frequent trips to pizza restaurants and ice cream parlours.

I could go on, but to sum things up for the moment I can safely say:
This man is a Count….