the voice of an angel..

No, I don’t refer to diablog noting Joan Sutherland’s passing which is both sad and a loss to true music lovers. An amazing voice (though soprano is rarely my favourite (see Engine Room, I know how to spell in English)) and fully deserved of the title.

No, it is the ridiculous claim by both Pete and Engine Room, together with, luckily only very few of my aquaintances, that Leonard Cohen is by any standard worth listening to let alone ‘entertainment’ which is what I thought ‘music’ should be.

Its worth mentioning here that ‘music’ is first a talent in making it, second an emotional experience (and something akin to vomiting in public does not warrant a mention under this cachet) and finally should prove, as a minimum, uplifting to both spirit and being.

Unless, that is, you are a) an afficionado of thin reedy whining (better done by a Labrador on heat), b) enjoy the most unbearably turgid, self centered and mindnumbing lyrics (note that I avoided ‘lyrical’) ever conceived and show all the signs (immediately recogniseable to the resident diablog staff psychiatrist Jeremy – thought I would slip you in somewhere J) of being a manic depressive on the verge of suicide.

It is worth mentioning at this point that all the above apply to ‘music’ (usually provided in a plain brown envelope) by Morrisey and/or The Smiths. God preserve us.

If any of the above apply to you, immediately accept help, comment on diablog, close the windows, switch off the pacemaker and above all, do not try to listen to L.Cohen at home without enlisting the help of a responsible person.

Yours with a song in my heart,


PS. Please note that I have not, and will not, attach the label ‘ music’ to this topic.

4 thoughts on “the voice of an angel..

  1. if the songs of Leonard Cohen can cause potential suicide please advise how many dvds of his work would you like delivered.
    please let me have your postcode.

  2. Thanks anonymous for your outstanding contribution to our Diablog.

    If it helps, I know his postcode
    and will pay for any expenses incurred


  3. I’m with Pete – could be incredib ly useful. See latest post on this – V is for victory…

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