Euphemisms and airline announcments

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The category “cut the crap” is growing at diablog. Leading to the question of course, why is Glynsky still on the team, if we really want to cut it?

One reason might be his post about – among other things – airline security. The earlier mentioned George Carlin continues the linked session pointing to the euphemisms in airline announcements:

and here is Part 2:

If you ever catch me using an euphemism in the diablog announcements, please hit me. And if you have a favorite – or better most hated – euphemism, let me have it in comments.

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  1. Hi Nonny,
    Sorry ER thanked you before me – he is now impossible. If you wish to apply for the job before we get rid of him let us know!!
    Glad you enjoying – send in a ‘guest post’ if you like – anything can beat The Greasemonkey’s.

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