What does Glynsky know about cool?

Dear Reader,

Ever since Glynsky referred to the late Tony Curtis as the cool guy from the 60s, the thought has been bugging me.
Do you know that feeling? Someone tells you something and almost instinctively you think: Naa, that’s wrong. But you just cannot point out exactly why?

Then it hit me, Mr. Cool from the 60s was and still is:

Steve McQueen

His movie credits are smashing: The Great Escape, Papillon, The Hunter, Cincinnati Kid, etc. And the ultimate in cool, Steve McQueen as Thomas Crown.

Plus, one can confidently say, that Steve McQueen still is Mr. Cool. According to the recent Forbes list of top income producing deceased artists he still brings in Millions annually. He still appears in commercials, a watch is sold as a tribute and advertisers just love him. ‘Cause he really is cool.

And for you racing enthusiasts, here is the legendary car chase from Bullit:

Beat this, Mr. What’sHisName?!

Stay tuned,
Engine Room

3 thoughts on “What does Glynsky know about cool?

  1. How long you got!!!
    First I (again!!!) agree re McQueen, although very, very close are both Bronson and Coburn.
    It is also interesting that all 3 were in ‘Magnificent Seven’ and for me, personally, using just that benchmark, Coburn shaded it – and forever after had a place in my heart, though I admit there is nothing to choose between the three. McQueen got the better parts (and was superb in all), Bronson was immense whilst Coburn kinda languished – though the spoof ‘Flint’ films were fun. Nice one Engine Room.

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