News from the "Engine Room Kids"

Dear Reader,

As you know from “Road Trip” here on diablog, I truly enjoy spending time with the next generation. Not only because I need a break from the two grumpy old men here, I have done this for decades. Call me The Godfather, if you will.

This week the “Engine Room Kids” – actually, they’re all teenagers by now – really made my days. Two insisted in various online chats that I come and see them before the holidays. I hope it is not only because of presents.

What got me really going though, was this:

The road trip partner attended his first rally, one against budget cuts in education. And he went the whole nine yards. Full body contact with the police, he even made it into the papers.
Searching for, finding and sending him the newspaper clipping with photo I earned some credits.

Considering that others in this age group only care about Justin Bieber, I say:
You go, man!

And this is for you:

Stay young,
Engine Room