Doesn’t anyone think about the children?

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Sorry about this headline here on diablog. Usually, this is the hysterical cry of politicians, when they want to pass laws for filtering and censoring content online, on TV, in video games, books, music, etc.

Why am I using this headline?
Watch the following amateur video. It was shot at a train station. The people you are about to see had arrived and left the train, they were on their way to pick up the luggage and get out of the station.

Those pictures give me the creeps. The whole procedure is unnecessary, performed without common sense (screening feet?) and is not improving anyone’s security.

Now put yourself into the mind of the kids.

They are growing up with government officials searching them, neither identifying themselves, nor offering a plausible cause. At airports, train stations and when entering government buildings like courthouses.

By the time they are adults, being searched – without a warrant or probable cause – will be a routine for them. They grew up with it and experienced it dozens of times.
How likely are they, to question other equally intrusive and, at least in my eyes, illegal searches?

As a counter point, here is a very educational video, how situations like those can be handled, if you have Balls of Steel, that is:

Stay critical,
Engine Room

2 thoughts on “Doesn’t anyone think about the children?

  1. ER, for once you are bang on. What on earth do they think they are doing and more to the point, what recourse do these people have? I am sick of the standard reply ‘ it is in our best interest and we have to be sure’! Even George Orwell would have been stunned at the lengths to which Big Bro and Room 101 could go.

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