very well done channel four…

Dear diablog,

Although the three of us, rightly, have political opinion, we do not feel that diablog is necessarily the right place to air it and have, in the main, elected to limit ourselves to teasing each other unless something happens that can be presented as a rant or reflects something of which we are all aware.

Despite Engine Room’s cynicism of old media, about which he usually has much to say, most of us for various reasons still rely on newespapers and TV.

From time to time in the UK we are treated to well considered drama on TV of which, so far this year, one of the best has just concluded as a four part series on Channel 4 – The Promise

The actors are mostly unknown and not necessarily ‘good’, the story is well woven and has much pathos, drama and certainly appears to be amply factual from what I know. It appears to have been made in collaboration with French TV channels and though there are ‘convenient’ passages/links in the plot, as a piece of political drama with present day implications it is superb.

I have to record that as far as I am concerned I am amazed that it has been screened in the UK at a reasonably ‘prime viewing time’ and must congratulate the writer and channel execs. for their candour and bravery in the decision to commission and screen it. I choose not to tell you more than that it is a tale with flashbacks of a young girl retracing her grandfathers diary of his life as a British soldier in 1946 – you make up your own mind.

Has Channel 4 decided to return to its previous role as a supplier of good quality drama – only time will tell, but this is at least a head and shoulders above the run of the mill and I recommend you diablog to watch it if you are able.

Yours diablog, reflective


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    Try reading your own posts sometime
    on the joys of life as an able semen.
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  2. So there we have it – The Owl and the Pussycat both in their pee green boat – is it yet time for the urine test or are you both prostrate?

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