la passione 4, from bad to worse…

Dear Diablog,

Despite the derision (and apathy) of  Pete and Engine Room, I plug along remorselessly with the work to be done on Alfreda – the first of my old Alfas introduced here.

As I mentioned in La Passione 3, the simplest of jobs seems to be becoming more and more involved. this has now reached the point where even I have had to seek outside help.

Without spending too much of your valuable time, the devastation I have caused in trying to get the instruments to work properly, sort out the dash electrics and replace miles of melted and disintegrating wiring has left the insides of the car looking like…

..which is an improvement (as some of the removed switches now work) but which has virtually raped the whole area! Added to this, I thought that I might ‘attend’ to the fuel gauge not working below half full and therefore at the same time.. Continue reading “la passione 4, from bad to worse…”

Anonymous or Who is pulling the strings online?

Dear Reader,

In today’s post on diablog, Glynsky raised a few questions and concerns.
Let me answer the one related to “the news”, which Glynsky is still getting from TV, first with a classic viral video from 2007, an internet meme:

I am online since the early 90s and found better news online. And more and earlier and more reliable. Plus, I can dig deeper into an issue and do research, if it interests me.

On to Glynsky’s more important question, who is pulling the strings online? Continue reading “Anonymous or Who is pulling the strings online?”

how anonymous is ‘Anonymous’…

Dear Diablog,

I really respect Engine Room for all his twittering, writings and comments on a wide range of topics from Wikileaks to the Middle East.

Sticking with the Middle East for a moment, I am in awe at the bravery of the people of Libya who appear to be literally fighting for their lives. I have some personal views on the Tunisia/Egypt/Libya/Bahrain phenomenon which I hope to air soon, but I remain somewhat sceptical on all the ‘Anonymous’ comments flying around the cybernet which claim to be reporting/organising/telling the truth with regard to the unfolding situations and to whom I am expected to rally.

Although he claims to be a tad sceptical himself, I wonder how sucked in to the ‘Freedom of the Net’ Engine Room and his various ‘buddies’ are.  Who is actually pulling the strings here? – and why? – and who are the real winners?
I have deliberately not given you links to all that Engine Room has written on these here as there are so many you would get a headache trying to read them all. Just type Wikileaks, Anonymous or whatever into the Blogger search bar at the top of the page and look for yourself.

I am the first to admit that
1) I only dip in and out of ‘news’,
2) I rely on what he calls ‘old media’ – particularly the television and
3) the whole twitter thing kinda leaves me cold
– on top of which, to keep up with everything that is being talked about needs hours of reading (usually on a variety of screens) for which I don’t have the time or the inclination. In addition I am lucky that Engine Room and I chat often enough (with screen sharing) to allow me to almost believe that I was also taking part!

It somehow seems all too easy. Maybe the first time, for the first few days, it all worked as we are asked to believe – but then, having seen the results, what was to stop the CIA, MI5, Gadaffi’s sons, Mr. Putin, Mossad, The Islamic Brotherhood or any power crazed loony from… Continue reading “how anonymous is ‘Anonymous’…”

the real deal 15 – when a hammond was not a hamster…

Dear Diablog,

I apologise for the ridiculous title but could not resist it, having just watched another crazy episode of Top Gear.

As with us all when we start to appreciate music, I went through a number of phases where all I would listen to was a particular genre or instrument. Engine Room often refers to ‘his‘ New York in various posts – mine preceded his by quite some time, unfortunately, but what it did do for me was open my eyes to a great deal of true talent.

In those days, and I hope still, the Village was chocker with bars and live music. At the time, in the UK, there was a craze on Hammond Organs of which the B3 was the absolute nirvana…

…and which was being used by pop bands more and more. However, thanks to the bars of the Village, I began to discover ‘real’ jazz, although I quickly tired of ‘Modern’ a la MJQ, but by sheer luck bumped into  Jimmy McGriff  live – and never looked back. His fusion of jazz and funk was the best of its type…

… but more and better was yet to come. It would sadly appear that live footage of the real greats, discovered on later forays to the US, are difficult to find, but ‘Doctor’ Lonnie Smith has proved an exception… Continue reading “the real deal 15 – when a hammond was not a hamster…”

arsenal and spurs chase the latest striker…

Dear diablog,

The English football season has reached the time when scouts are being overworked looking for new talent to sign in the summer.

As a first for diablog, we are able to release secret film of the latest target for two London sides..

As M. Wenger seems to prefer the shorter more nimble type of player, this one would appear to suit him best. Only time will tell!

Can’t wait, diablog, for the announcement


Gaddafi afraid of Facebook – ha ha said the Anonymous clown

Dear Reader,

Neither was diablog supposed to be a political blog, nor a technical one. Glynsky and Pete inform you and argue about the good things in life.Over the last two and a half months we are seeing technology bring good things to political life. What could be better?

People all over the Middle East are standing up to demand freedoms. And they are using internet technology to organize their protest and to inform the world. The protesters in Tunisia, Egypt, Iran, Yemen, Bahrain, Morocco, Algeria and many more are being supported by the internet community from all over the world. Being informed about global reactions, being provided with telecommunication services, when their governments shut off the internet.

Main stream media are debating whether these can be called “Twitter revolutions” or “Facebook revolutions”. And while most media get their most actual information via those exact same channels, many are trying to belittle the roles the internet plays.

If needed, tonight’s speech on Libyan state television by Saif al-Islam Muammar Al-Gaddafi, son of Libyan “leader” Muammar al-Gaddafi, provided proof. You can find a translated transcript of his speech here. In many ways it resembled Mubarrak’s desperate attempt to save his regime only 11 (!) days ago. And like Mr Mubarak, Mr. Gaddafi is the next recipient of our Idiot of the Day medal.

What did Al-Gaddafi say? Continue reading “Gaddafi afraid of Facebook – ha ha said the Anonymous clown”

A must see movie King’s Speech

Dear Reader,

After a book, on to a movie at diablog. And not just any movie, one of the best movies I have seen in quite a while, King’s Speech. This afternoon I was treated to tickets and went with high expectations, because of all the hype around it.

Let me tell you: It is brilliant.

If a movie lets you forget time, if you forget that you are watching actors, if you are pulled out of your reality, that makes a brilliant movie.

Almost all actors are great. The story is wonderful and told brilliantly. There is great British humor and many subtle jokes.

King’s Speech is neither loud, nor hilarious. And it just may prevent some folks from harassing people with handicaps. Which would already be a huge accomplishment. 

Go and see it on big screen, it is worth every buck.

Stay tuned,
Engine Room