The Truth Will Out..

Many of you have been reading the pages of the Diablog for some months by now.
Most of the work involved is done by unseen heroes, such as Christina and my personal Tech Woman, Esther Ipad, with the added support of many anonymous foreign corespondents.

Recently they have felt that their efforts continue to go unrecognized and more to the point unrewarded.
They claim that Glynsky ER and our new contributer SGM appear to spend their lives, and our money, traveling the globe on their overblown expense accounts.

Perhaps the worst offender is the ER who is continues to behave like the Scarlet Pimpernel.
We seek him here, ‘we seek him there, we seek him nearly everywhere’. 

Actually we don’t seek him at all, but he is about to turn up anyway…

Is it any wonder the man has a suitcase fetish?
He is about to crisscross continents again very soon en route to Turkey via London.
Preparations for the royal visit start in earnest today, and as soon as this article is finished, you will find me scrubbing the pavements, and polishing the bunting outside international headquarters. Continue reading “The Truth Will Out..”

the real deal 16, all a tremble…

Dear diablog,

I can’t help but think that sometimes we all take music too seriously and forget the uplift and fun that good old fashioned pop can bring.

Last night I had the great pleasure of going to see ‘The Million Dollar Quartet’ (of which more another time) with some lovely old friends, the surviving Tremeloes.

If ever a band summed up the mid sixties optimism it is them with numbers like their best selling

which, as a pub quiz question, was the only one of their hits (and the biggest one) which featured Rick as lead vocal. Why they never made more of his ‘almost pre BeeGees’ falsetto is a mystery – must ask one day!

Sadly Alan Blakely, who pretty much brought them into being, passed on some while ago though.. Continue reading “the real deal 16, all a tremble…”

It’s The Third On The Reich

This ordinary Semi-detached house in Swansea looks eerily like a well known Nazi dictator
(complete with naff side parting)

At first glance you may not see the resemblance.
But with a little imagination and a sense of humour…maybe just.
This semi has caused a sensation on Twitter because a passer-by thought it looked like Hitler.

The slanting roof is said to resemble the Fuhrer’s slicked down, side-parted hair while the front door lintel conjures up his moustache.

The end-of-terrace in Port Tenant, Swansea, is home to a pensioner, said to be baffled by the attention.
If she thinks she has problems now, just imagine if she lived in a house that looks like Glynsky.
While I am at it, I feel my title of this story should win the Diablog headline of the year award.

good luck, today, pete…

Dear diablog,

Our resident curmudgeon, Pete, is today on trial but not not for football (if that’s what he calls it),

or for other ‘pass times’
but for completely spurious reasons which are a waste of his time and that of others.

All at diablog wish you luck Pete, how can the ones in the right ever deal with idiots.
Yours, diablog, in sympathy

Visit Turkey

Dear Reader,

Yesterday friends called, from Turkey. This reminded me, that I owe Glynsky and Pete and you a post.

If you have a chance, go and visit Turkey. Why should you? Turkish people are among the friendliest I have ever met. You will be feeling at home and ease everywhere and constantly. I am lucky and glad, some of my best friends are Turkish.

There is tons to see and do in Turkey, history and culture are rich, beautiful and everywhere. Many Westerners forget, the Mediterranean had culture already, when people in Northern Europe – well –  had barely made it out of the caves.

And if you go, please reserve some days for Istanbul.

Celebrating the next small step

Dear Reader,

When Glynsky and Pete started diablog, it was mostly for their entertainment. And yours of course, but we did not know, whether you would find and like it.

As mentioned here, the name was picked partially, to make it easy for you to find us. If you search for “Glynsky”, diablog is likely to show up on the first page of results. Sorry, Pete, with your first name it does not work yet. There are some 81 Million search results for Pete.

In the above mentioned post we said, that there is another word or search term, by which we would like to be found. And that is of course “diablog”.
We are not the only people using it. On other blogs two or more people are blogging and they are using the term as well.

But Glynsky and Pete succeeded. If you use google and search for diablog, Glynsky and Pete are likely to show up on the first page of results. They are doing so for a couple of days now. Google individualizes the search results, through cookies. So if you search through, you get search results without the personalization

Kudos, Gentlemen, you made it!

Engine Room

Baby Dolphin Saved ?

A baby dolphin has been rescued in Japan after being dumped in a rice field by a giant tsunami that hit the coast on March 11th 2011.
The dolphin was spotted in the flooded field, about 2 km (a mile) from the coast, said Ryo Taira, a pet-shop owner who has been rescuing animals abandoned after the 9.0 magnitude quake and tsunami left 23,000 people dead or missing.
“A man passing by said he had found the dolphin in the rice paddy and that we had to do something to save it,” the 32-year-old Taira told Reuters.

Taira found the dolphin struggling in the shallow seawater on Tuesday and after failing to net it, waded in to the field, which had yet to be sown with rice, to cradle the 1.2-meter (four foot) animal in his arms.

“It was pretty weak by then, which was probably the only reason we could catch it,” he said. Continue reading “Baby Dolphin Saved ?”