Thanks to Anonymous – Idiot of the Day for me

Dear Reader,

in some posts here on diablog I wrote about internet censorship, wikileaks and anonymous. Over the last couple of weeks Anonymous had taught me quite a lessons.

1. I do not know enough, much less then I thought.

2. Things I knew better, I did not do, like password management.

In some cases I was too curious for my own good,
in more important cases not curious enough to educate
myself properly.

I truly deserve the Idiot of the Day medal and
like to thank to those who taught me.

Engine Room

2 thoughts on “Thanks to Anonymous – Idiot of the Day for me

  1. My hero – there is a first time for everything, and this is your first EVER apology. Medal fully deserved, and I add ‘Oak Leaves’.

  2. It was one of the most important apologies. And to the two of you one as well.

    I am very sorry.

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