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Dear Reader,

Yesterday friends called, from Turkey. This reminded me, that I owe Glynsky and Pete and you a post.

If you have a chance, go and visit Turkey. Why should you? Turkish people are among the friendliest I have ever met. You will be feeling at home and ease everywhere and constantly. I am lucky and glad, some of my best friends are Turkish.

There is tons to see and do in Turkey, history and culture are rich, beautiful and everywhere. Many Westerners forget, the Mediterranean had culture already, when people in Northern Europe – well –  had barely made it out of the caves.

And if you go, please reserve some days for Istanbul.

The picture above shows you, where to stay, at the Çırağan Palace

Never before or thereafter did I experience service like this. Just one example, I had to attend a black tie event there. When I asked for a shoe shine and my clothes to be cleaned, the concierge informed me that it had been done already the day before. Your wishes are fulfilled before you even know you have them. 

More pictures are on the homepage of the Hotel, here. Have dinner under the stars with a gorgeous view of the bridge over the Bosporus. There is Life Jazz in the evenings and you will not want to leave.

Besides many historic sites and buildings and turbulent markets, Istanbul has a nightlife that rivals New York. Or rather, Istanbul beats NY. I have never seen and experienced clubs like in Istanbul. The city is booming for many years, busting with young people and all know how to have fun and throw a party.

I can promise, Turkish food will amaze you. Yes, it rivals Italian, Glynsky. Turkish wines are delicious, did you know they make wine? The beer, Effes, tastes great and you will not find better mocha anywhere.

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6 thoughts on “Visit Turkey

  1. Who do you know in turkey and do they pay for your stay at this palace?
    If not what does this hotel cost for mere mortals to stay at?

  2. Urgent message to Glynsky.
    Apparently he is coming over again!
    Please answer and respond to the following urgent questions:

    1)do we go abroad now?

    2) what if he finds the Diablog cash you have been hiding?

    3)do we have any red carpet?

    4) where is the whole nine yards?
    Is it in your office because I can’t
    find it

    5) He wants the extra mile back and I am sure we spent it.

    6) I will hire the Limo and you see if Pastrami Paradise will let us back in if we all apologise.

  3. ‘Fraid so mon cher! Had kept it secret but Armaggedon arriveth next week! I have arranged a ‘quarantine’ area near Morpeth and one of Boris’ bikes to get him there. With any luck it will be time to go home as soon as he gets there.

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