It’s The Third On The Reich

This ordinary Semi-detached house in Swansea looks eerily like a well known Nazi dictator
(complete with naff side parting)

At first glance you may not see the resemblance.
But with a little imagination and a sense of humour…maybe just.
This semi has caused a sensation on Twitter because a passer-by thought it looked like Hitler.

The slanting roof is said to resemble the Fuhrer’s slicked down, side-parted hair while the front door lintel conjures up his moustache.

The end-of-terrace in Port Tenant, Swansea, is home to a pensioner, said to be baffled by the attention.
If she thinks she has problems now, just imagine if she lived in a house that looks like Glynsky.
While I am at it, I feel my title of this story should win the Diablog headline of the year award.

3 thoughts on “It’s The Third On The Reich

  1. Now that is one step too far! The title award I mean. Mind you, it’s not too bad compared with others you have come up with.
    As for the house, I know it well. Gareth Bale was born there.

  2. Just for info, Gareth Bale was born in Cardiff. I would have expected a fellow Welshman to know that.
    Do you know Antonio from Latvia ? His name is Rigatoni :-)

  3. Of course I know him – his brother has a restaurant in Harrogate called Jo Rigatoni. What and odd question – you ok ol’ bean?

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