the real deal 16, all a tremble…

Dear diablog,

I can’t help but think that sometimes we all take music too seriously and forget the uplift and fun that good old fashioned pop can bring.

Last night I had the great pleasure of going to see ‘The Million Dollar Quartet’ (of which more another time) with some lovely old friends, the surviving Tremeloes.

If ever a band summed up the mid sixties optimism it is them with numbers like their best selling

which, as a pub quiz question, was the only one of their hits (and the biggest one) which featured Rick as lead vocal. Why they never made more of his ‘almost pre BeeGees’ falsetto is a mystery – must ask one day!

Sadly Alan Blakely, who pretty much brought them into being, passed on some while ago though..…his widow Lyn still pursues an active acting career. His constant good humour and zest for life was best illustrated in another of their ‘biggies’

Happily the remainder are in good health and still playing to packed houses on various tours numbers like (which seems to suffer from synch problems)

which for ‘family’ reasons was not issued by them (though I believe they played on it) but by Christie.

I close, diablog, with a fun picture of Alan, Dave and Chip with the ‘gals’ in suitable dresses – though why Rick is missing is yet another mystery – another question!

Yours, diablog, felling good